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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Wedding bells are ringing.. but not mine, OK!

"Here comes the bride.. all dressed in white.."

Okay.. okay! Before somebody starts saying, "Here she goes again", let me tell you, I'm not rambling about being single or all that, okay! Err, maybe just a teeny bit but that is not the main point of this piece of writing.

I just met Sid and Anuar. They came here to USM to deliver their invitation cards and I must say here that they really 'glowed'. I mean, it must be because they're happy and all that but I never thought that happiness really shows. It made me smile just watching them. Their mood was really infectious.

They must have given their cards to almost everyone on the campus. Now this is a good example of people who remember everyone who has touched thier lives. In addition to their friends and lecturers, they also invited the 'mak cik dobi'(whom Anuar knows by name, though he forgot it for a while), the security guards (especially one who Sid remembers quite fondly as someone who once helped her), kak Jun (the kakak who's been doing our photocopies eversince our first year in USMKCP) and basically everyone. Their gesture is something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Now, I might have dismissed all this if not because of the sudden avalanche of wedding invitations I've been receiving for the past few weeks. I mean, just last week, nope, last two weeks, I was in Kuantan as the maid of honour for Lin's wedding. Then, while I was in Melaka and Negeri Sembilan, two of my friends messaged me for my address. One was Olie (my friend from the matriculation days in KMK) and the other one was Juki (my ex-coursemate here in USM, though, being the 'shy' person I was, I don't think I have ever spoken more than 10 words to him.. must be the wedding vibes haha..). Both of them were inviting me to their reception, and I was like, "Kenduri lagi.." hehe..

Then coming back to USM, my friend Yati informed me that she has posted her invitation to me and that it would arrive anytime (yesterday to be exact). Today, Sid was the one to deliver yet another card. And thats not yet mentioning Shaikh and Mastura's wedding which I know I have to attend since I know both of them.

How about Ogy's rumoured wedding which she refuses to comment upon though we have evidence of it happening in the near future? And kak Sally's engagement? Yeah, its even time for everyone getting engaged.. Alfy got engaged last week and Nazir yesterday. Waaaaaaaaaaa, I'm feeling more left out by the minute!

So in front of me right now is a collection of recent invitations. I'm doing my best to amuse myself by picking out which is the prettiest card. Which card feels most inviting. Which card best describes 'sweet and simple' and etc. Really, cards are getting more creative by the day so by my simple calculation, my card whould be the most creative of all, right?

Chatting with Sentot just now makes me realize how loud wedding bells are ringing. She keeps asking about me, so thankfully she's not here in front of me, or she might get a good 'knocking' that'll make her more sentot than ever (Sorry, Baizurah!! :-p) Even Juma, whom everyone loved to hate during the school days, is getting married. But hey, she can take her pick anyway, right?

Speaking about Juma, Ami just smsed me and I told her about Sid's kenduri. I could really imagine her answer even before I received it.

"Kenduri lagi? Kenduri.. kenduri.. Ayu, kite bila? Bila? Bila?"

Hahah.. good ol' Ami and her cries really make me laugh! I could rely on her to grow as old maids together, though I know, if she even gets a whiff of what I'd just said, she might say, "Pi la jadi old maid sorang²!! Saya tak mau.. Ayuuuuuu, saya nak kahwin" Don't worry la, Ami, I always say that God saves the best for last hahah -->ayat penyedap hati!
(P/S to Ami, if you ever read this --> Sorry! Hehe, saya kutuk awak sikit je punnn.. sikiiiit je.. Baizurah lagi sian, sampai skrg saya panggil Sentot.. at least awak saya panggil Ami je ape hahah..)

Now, I'm left to calculating how much money would be spent on wedding gifts. Thankfully kak Wahid has asked me to pool our resources for Yati and Sid's wedding so we could buy someting better than initially intended, due to whatever amount of money we'll have left after the neccessary expenses. Luckily, I'm not the type to buy new clothes for every kenduri I attend (like some people ALL of us most know.. I'm sure all of us have at least ONE friend who's like that).. mau kopak oooo if I'm that type!

One thing I have to be careful with is to NOT mention all these to my mother or I just know what will be coming out of her mouth. I know, I know.. she must be worried about me. Hey, its not my fault that she had 3 growing kids (including me) at my age. Ada jodoh, ade la nanti, Mama.. Don't worry about me, just let me do all the worrying hahah..

How about my friends? They too like to ask these questions with the most common one "Ayu, bila aku nak beli hadiah kahwin hang plak?" So my simple answer, like what most of them (Toroque, Yokies, kak Maria, Salam, Bebe etc..)are familiar with is: Go and buy a piggy bank and make it into a fund for 'Ayu's wedding gift'. I don't ask for much, just RM1 a day till the day I get married. That way, it'll be easier for you guys to not have to fork up a fortune since you already have been saving up for it. And it makes me happier since I know, I'll get a fortune from your piggy banks haha.. Imagine, if I get married a year from now, I'll get RM365 from all of you and that could lead to very interesting and satisfying wedding gifts for me. Enough said.

Anyway, I hope for the best to all my friends who will be@are@already engaged/married. At least when the lot of you are happy, you make all of us smile too :-)

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