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Sunday, April 24, 2005

I vow to lose weight.. err, but can I?

I was getting ready to go out this morning. Tomorrow we're going to have this BBQ for Nazir who'll be starting his new job in UUM next month (I think la..)I promised to whip up mashed potatoes with gravy (or maybe I'll change to potato salad) and Trifle Pudding so I have to go out to buy the things I need. Not that Parit Buntar doesn't have these things but I just want to go outside of this 'coccoon' for a while.

Anyway, enough about that. While getting ready, I noticed that I was choosing a t'shirt I've worn last week AND the week before. Grumbling, I put the t-shirt back in my drawer and pulled out another one that I also wore two weeks ago. In fact, I just realized that whatever t-shirt I chose, I've been wearing it the last time I went out or before that. Puzzled, I mean, my drawers are so full of clothes, I just reached out for the other tops I had and u-huh, I saw the problem here!

Lets go back in time a bit. Last year, (I still remember it happened in March, ironically on my birthday month!), I gained nearly 10kg in 2 weeks! Shocking huh? Even my housemates were dumbfounded. I mean, I eat with them everyday and kak Shima confirmed that my eating habits didn't even change but the weight gain was so huge that even when she see's me everyday, she could notice the sudden 'outburst'. My colleagues kak Sue and kak Bibah also commented of my physical shape too. At first I was worried. Hey, I'm an avid fan of the Readers Digest and I always read the health section where a few month ago stated that if you gain more than 1 kilo per week, you should consult the doctor. I was doing a 5 kilos per week and I was petrified! I was even planning to go for a check up (tapi plan tinggal plan je la kan.. know how lazy I am!)

Now, Ive never really been the skinny waif-like type of person. Eversince I was in my teens, I've always had my fair share of chubbiness. Not that I complain, I mean, my BMI has always been in the middle range of 'normal'. But gaining THAT much weight really scared me a bit. In my haste, I even went out to buy 4 pairs of good (but thankufully on sale) jeans of which I regret buying three of them now. All the while, I always had to buy size 29 to accommodate my generous thighs though the waist would always have room for a rolling pin, if I chose to steal it from the supermarket. Don't ask me why, even Adi (my brother) has big thighs so I guess it runs in the family so the both of us has always had to buy bigger sizes of jeans/pants. No amount of aerobics has ever helped me in that part of my body.

Opsss.. lari topic plak! Anyway, in my craziness after gaining that much weight, I bought 4 pairs of jeans with sizes from 31 to 32, can you believe that! Now I can't wear most of it coz the waist is too loose for my liking. I keep imagining it will fall off me one day. Nasib baik on sale, kalau tak, wa manyak lugi oooooo..

Anyway, because of the weight gain, I couldn't wear most of my t-shirts without feeling conscious. Luckily, I've always liked to buy big t-shirts so there were still a few that I feel comfortable in. Some were still ok, but I was suddenly conscious of my b*** whenever I wore a t-shirt so another half of my wardrobe was discarded too. Even my baju kurungs were 'screened' so about a quarter of them had to be hidden away. Mama was happy though because since I couldn't wear half of my clothes, I had to go out and buy new ones which caused a fortune but which she liked better since I bought more lady-like blouses this time.

You might suggest a diet. Haha, been there, done that but I'm not the disciplined type. I mean, with the wide variety of Malaysian food, I could never understand how anyone could hold on to a diet. I'm really impressed with kak Kt when she sticked to her diet and just look at the results but I know I'm not that type. Sometimes, I can eat all I want but there are time when I don't eat for ages. Its not that I don't try, but the longest I did it was for less than two weeks.. duh!

Exercising perhaps? I'm not into sports, except it you count walking to the cafeteria as a sport haha.. Seriously, I don't play sports. Never had a knack for it. Though once upon a time ago I was an aerobics buff. Its fun to go there with your friends really. At that time, I'd also go and have a game or two of badminton (though I still can't understand the rules) every week with Yun, kak Aida, kak Salina, kak Yani and Aina. Now, the only exercise I do is cycling from my home to USM and doing 2 rounds around the campus every holiday (except when it rains).

But this morning, after feeling frustrated by the lack of clothes I can wear without feeling conscious, I've made a vow to lose weight. My aim is to lose at least 7 kilos by Jun. Err, is it a logical aim, I wonder?

Hey, wait! I can't start my diet today cause I'm hungry for pasar malam food. I can't even start tomorrow since we'll be having the BBQ. The day after tomorrow won't be a good idea too cause I'm having 2 tuition classes that day. And on Wednesday I'll need to eat a lot cause I want to fast on Thursday. Hmm.. now I wonder, could I pull off this unbelievable feat or what?

Wish me luck, you guys!

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