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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A story of chicken, onions, mosquitoes and us.. not a romantic one looorr..

Yesterday was another unofficial "Lets not do work" day for us.

All of us were in the mood for the coming BBQ at Nazir's house so we came to work, NOT in the mood to do any. Most of us were playing online games and chatting with each other the whole morning. At 10.30am sharp, all of us made our usual trip to the cafeteria. Though we didn't plan to eat a lot ("Akak nak makan kuih jeee.." Haha..), the 'ayam masak lemak' caught Nomi's and my attention. After not as much as 5 minutes of consideration, we guiltily took plates for a bit of rice to eat with the chicken dish which turned out to be quite hot.

At 1 o'clock, we had another trip to get food. This time it was to KFC. Man has been wanting to buy us lunch for a long time there and since it would be Nazir's last day here, Man decided to take us to KFC that very day. I was already thinking of how much chicken we'd be eating throughout the day so I declined any fried chicken, as well as Faezah but we went along for burgers. Hey, at least a fillet, though still made with chicken, doesn't resemble any part of the chicken. We also had a chocolate cake, compliments of Ramlah which we asked the baker to write 'Blah! Shooh! Shooh!' on top, just for the fun of it hehe..

We must have exited KFC around 2.30pm. By then I was fretting over my potato salad and Trifle Pudding which I haven't even started with yet. Even Nomi was a bit worried over her air asam so it was decided that we would meet at my house later for a 'gotong royong'. Arriving at home, I quickly changed and was in my 'pudding mode'. Luckily, its a simple thing to make so after clearing up the mess and cooling the pudding in the fridge, I proceeded to peel the potatoes.

Around 3.45pm, Nomi arrived and a few minutes later, Faezah came. They helped me peel the 2kg of potatoes before we helped Nomi with her onions. There were so much onions that we 'cried'. It was a good thing there were the three of us so we had a good laugh about it, each of us making up stories on why we were crying, the most famous one of being sad that Nazir was leaving. I've never seen so much onions in my life (except at kenduris where the onions are of course much² more). A whole big tupperware was filled with the sliced onions and the smell just made us sniff even more.

The air asam was made by Faezah and Nomi who made remarks about everything while they worked that I had to laugh. I was busy with my potatoe salad by that time. We must have finished all the works around 5.45pm. Not bad, huh? The girls then went home to get ready. By the way, I had to cancel my tuition for this BBQ la, Nazir (ngungkit nih.. hehe..).

At 8.15pm, Nomi came to my house to get the air asam. We had a potful of it. She came with Has, with the intention of asking Has to hold it, Unluckily, the pot must have overturned or something and they were kind'a drenched with it but still, we had a lot more fr,m what was wasted. Sian Nomi, she says her car still smells of belacan and air asam till this morning.

After Nomi left, I went to fetch Yun, Ramlah, Fared and Remy. Unfortunately, Remy was too tired to go so we went just the four of us.

Arriving at Nazir's house, we found out that we were the last to arrived (if you count out Erwan who came much later). BBQ activities were in full swing so I guess we just arrived to set the table and eat. We had chicken (again), two flavours too, just like at KFC, one being a black pepper one and the other one a quite hot recipe. Tapi takde la pedas sgt pun hehe.. Kak Sue bought her two eldest children, Abang and Shikin. Hasrul came as a whole family with lil' Hasif in tow. Zul came with his wife but Man went home early because his daughter was at home.

We had fun eating and teasing. Farid captured the moment with the video camera though I really hate it when it was focused on me. Never really been camera friendly hehe.. One thing must be highlighted here. The mosquitoes were sooooooooo.. gosh! I don't have the right word for it.. ravenous! We were busy scratching ourselves while eating but it didn't really take away the fun from eating together. I didn't realize when Farid taped me scratching myself.. buruk la, Farid! Sangat tak aci buat akak camtu hehe..

By 11, everyone had kind'a stopped eating. Has was busy 'tapau'ing for her friends (or is it for her?) and kak Ana was ready to go home. Kak Sue and the others took charge of the 'tapau'ing while the rest of us chatted around. By this time, Zul was the one recording everyone. I had a good time bullying Farid into finishing my potatoe salad and the remains of the trifle pudding and Faezah's puding jagung. Nazir even came and wanted to upgrade the bullying to 'Fear Factor' by asking Farid to drink the whole pot of air asam we had left.

My group must have been the last to leave. Me, Yun and Ramlah washed the dirty containers while Fared chatted with the guys. We'll he had been busy with the BBQing so, kasik can la nooo. After completing our 'tasks', I sent them home before retiring to my own house. Content and very full haha..

Just saw what they'd been taping and I'm going to choke Farid. Akak dah cakap tak suka amik gambar laaaaa.. ni yang nak marah ni heheh.. ;-p

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