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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sy Mau Jadi Franky =) Pt 3

So the 'ship construction' continues.. J

Am feeling a bit frustrated but just a bit je la.. takde la sampai nak ngamuk sume tu. Why? Coz one part of the ship doesn’t seem to wanna fit.. grrr..

At first I thought it was the lack of finger strength (ada ka?!? Haha..) coz as I tried connecting the two parts, they didn’t seem to wanna ‘stick’ to each other. I resorted to using a hammer (Yes, an actual hammer.. the one I bought when doing my DIY coffee table a few years back) but I knew I had to refrain from ketuk dengan segala ketidaksabaran yang ada coz I didn’t wanna break the plastic pieces into.. well, even smaller non-rescue-able pieces.

It was then that I realized, it wasn’t me.. it was IT! The two piece seemed to not have the same sized connectors (Ok, I’m using my own words here since I dunno the actual phrase people use for this) The ‘stick’ part was longer than the ‘hole’ it was supposed to fit in nicely (aaannnnddd, that sounded awkward..!)

Lemme show you..

See the ‘black hole’ there? Well, the part that was supposed to fit in there was taller than the height of the hole itself.. hence, the reason why it didn’t connect nicely. The reason for the black hole? Well, I got this ‘genius’ idea that I should use a heated toothpick (red hot from the fire) and try to melt the plastic hole a bit so it would get a bit deeper.. genius, right?! NOT!! Hahah..

Aside from the fact the toothpick turned into ashes in no time. I found my toothpick just sticking to the plastic surface as it tried to abide to my command.. ye Ayu, awak sangat pandaaaiiiiii.. pfffttt~~

My next option was to hack a tiny bit off the too-tall connection thingey but I didn’t know how to. Instead, I took the nail file from my nail clipper and proceeded to.. err, shred(?!?) the top part to shorten it. I would’ve succeeded (hey, it fit a bit better) if it wasn’t so tiring. Now I’m thinking of buying a whetstone (pengasah pisau?!?) at the pasar malam this afternoon in hopes of doing a better (and less tiring) job at it.. hmm, we’ll see J

In the meantime, THIS is the current finished stage J

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