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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sy Mau Jadi Franky =) Pt 2

Last night, I told myself to be more positive in building my first ship ever. I told myself that this is my first attempt anyway so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself and I reminded myself that this is just for fun. I managed to believe that until..

..the war with the stickers resumed!

Arggghhh.. awat la hangpa ni cenonet sangat aihhhh?!?!

This is one of the smallest piece.. see how conscious I am now of my chubby fingers!

This one is a bit better sbb besaq skiiiiiit je.. dan masih jariku terlalu gemuk to handle stickers sebegini.

After struggling with those miniscule thingeys yang mampu membuat kesabaran ku teruji (hehe..), I proceeded with the actual ‘building’ of the ship that wasn’t as strenuous as I thought it would be. Atau maybe sbb I struggled with mende yng susah dulu (stickers yg microscopic itu) so this was easy peasy lemon squeezy in comparison J Sungguh la tersenyum sensorang bile banyak yang dapat dibuat..

..well, until I saw this!

Haiyaaaa.. tercabut abis la sticker putih kecik nii. Dah la nak lekat pun, ya Rabbi, punye la leceh. And the ‘best’ this is, I lost a few of these tanpa ditemui. The only thing going through my head was to go buy some correction liquid and pi liquid je kat tempat yang dah ilang stickers tu. Grrr..

The finished product before retiring semalam was this..

..kaann, bleh nampak sticker manekah yang ilang itu.. I give up la ngan stickers ni, huh!!

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