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Friday, October 25, 2013

Sy Mau Jadi Franky =) Pt 1

I have a new project J

I recently went to the grocery store near the tuition centre for my nightly Nescafe fix when I noticed something new at the shop. Tadaaa~~

Ok, turned out its a copy la, tp I was still excited hehe..

I was planning on starting the assembly once I finished my classes next Thursday but I couldn’t sleep last night so I thought I’d just give it a start..

..and it was fun! J

Well, fun right until I realized I’ve got too-chubby finger yang sangat tak sesuai for stickers. Hmm, scratch that coz I think I suck at stickers, period!!

Look at this first attempt at sticking those things on the ship.. sangat huduh, I tell you. I was frustrated after finishing this part coz I had imagined a smooth finish. Instead, I got this nampak-sangat-la-amateur kinda look L

I tried to take another approach for the other side of the ship (starting from the middle and moving outward instead of starting from one side to the other) but even if it looked slightly better.. well, the keyword here IS 'slightly' anyway.

The assembly was not as I expected. Being someone who’s used to assembling her own DIY shelves (as well as friends punye jugak which include TV racks and such.. see, I’m independant and don’t need a guy utk pasang those stuff, ok! :p), I thought it would be something like that but I guess I was wrong. A bit more concentration was needed sbb mende alahnye sangat la kecikk.

So this is what I managed before I went to sleep..

.. to be continued!

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