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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Handmade Card Giveaway

A few years ago, Irnis won a set of card from a handmade greeting card blog. The cards were cute enough to make me curious about the blog owner. As of now, I've been following her eversince..

..I've even bought a card from her too.. which is another story altogether la kan haha..

Now, even some of my friends follow her too.. with a few trying their hands at handmade-card-making =)

When I first got to know her, she was doing these monthly giveaways with her cards as the gifts. I always wanted to enter her giveaways but seldom actually 'registered' for it since my 'luck' in getting freebies are not like it used to be.. boley ka?

Anyway, I decided to drop by her blog a few minutes ago and noticed that she's doing another giveaway jugak this year.. yeayyyy~~

Wanna see what's the prize?


Chumel kan!

So anyone interested to join, you still have another day to enter. Good luck!

Ohh.. almost forgot! Here's the link:


Wak Gelas™ said...

chomeyynyerr.., wak salam ziarah yee.., ehHHee

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Salam kembali =)