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Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend di mane dapur sy berasap! Hehe..

Don't you just hate waiting for something you're not sure you'll get?

Haiyaaaa.. sy pening laaa~~

Wanted to do somethings to keep my mind of other certain things so I checked my fridge to see whats available. Kebetulan jugak, on Friday, I went outta my usual 'route' through the pasar malam and for the first time in my life went to the wet market part of the pasar malam. Okay la, admittedly, I don't cook that much and on weekends where I choose to go to the market instead of taking my morning stroll are like the only times I'd cook. I just wanted to look around but the sight of squiggly squid in their black in and smelly prawns tempted me. Okay, somethings wrong with the picture here, camne raw seafood leh tempt me ni?!?! Klu yg dah sedia masak tu cam logic la jugak kan? Hahah..

Anyways.. the next morning I found myself slaving in the kitchen menyiang the sotong and udang (ye, udang sy selalu bogel klau sy yg masak!). I'd bought a can of carbonara (A'ah.. carbonara or any other creamy pasta sauce sy mmg tatau buat from scratch but any tomato-ey kinda sauce, I'd gladly waste my time for that hehe..) a few MONTHS ago so I decided to dump all the seafood (the sotongs, udang bogels, cut-up dory fillet and some crabsticks) in the sauce to eat with some fetucinni.. yummy! Niat nak hantar ke jiran terbantut coz I didn't realize how hungry I was.. boley?

The next day I was fasting so while thinking of what to do for iftar, I remembered the cheesy mayo I bought a few days before so I decided to whip up some potato salad in the morning so by iftar, it would be nicely chilled ☺

Pastu bleh plak while texting with my sister, Izati, pasal meatballs, I felt like making them but unfortunately, I didn't have any minced meat in my freezer. Kuciwa, until I found some leftover dory fillets.. jeng²! Kepale mencari idea~~

I marinated the fillets (along with a few leftover prawns form the day before) in some garlic and paprika. Then a few minutes before iftar, dumped them in a bowl of flour and dipped those in some beaten egg before I covered them with crushed cornflakes (lebihan from my choc with cornflakes experiment). Then of course la musti mau goreng dan hasilnye..

Hmm.. not bad! Got a crunchy coat from the cornflakes but leftover minyak dia mmg tak leh pakai balik dah la heheh..

Tp besa la nafsu org berpuase hehe *redfaced* Actually telah termasak sgt la lebey kan.. sampai malam la sy kene makan abiskan, padan muke!

Actually suprised myself that I'd cook 2 days in a row.. boley?

Haa.. another one I wanted to share dah lame. I tried another recipe for non-baked cheesecake I got from Maya. Sedap la jugakk, a bit more creamier that the current recipe I've been using. The topping plak, now I'm a bit of a 'perak', trying out all the available toppings at the shop I usually buy my supplies. So here's the un-artistic (my student actually told me nasib baik cikgu bkn arts teacher.. cisss.. hahah..) outcome for my cheesecake with orange, blueberry, kiwi and blueberries with fruit topping. Antara sumer I think I prefer the kiwi and normal blueberry (fruitless) topping kot (though more than half dpt kat jiran coz tak larat la sy nak abiskan satu cake tuuuuu..

Still, I bought some dragonfruit+strawbery and mango topping baru ni.. hmm, bile la nak try pulak yg tu kan? =p

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