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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Then hantaransssssss.. and my own try at icing bigger cakes than cupcakes =p~

*Finally blogspot is usable again.. adehh!*

This is a backdated entry which I have 'updated' hahah.. It was supposed to be of me showing of my non-existant skills at icing big cakes (sy budak baru belajo!) but I've also added some pictures of the latest cupcakes I've been doing for hantaran. Still no improvement sgt but.. boley la kot? <--updated 7th May 2011

Okay, this is the cake which lead to my tries on trying to cover big cakes with cream. I'd promised my youngest sister who turned 2 last month that I'd make he a cake so voila!

Hahah.. boley la kot nooo.. I'm not that creative but I was glad she loved it (Kak Yong buat, mesti la adik dia suke je.. buat ngan penuh kasih sayang kaaaannn hehe..)

Before that, I tried my hand at a few cakes. My aim was to make a smooth coating so I had to do it a few times la kan.. with kinda boring toppings sbb pas penat mengcover cake, sy malas nak pk dia nye hiasan.. boley?

My 1st try..

My 2nd try for Duwe..

My 3rd try for Yun's birthday (which still tak brape nak smooth *sigh*)

Well, then there's the hantarans I did as per request. I really have to learn other kinds of deco laaaa~~

For kak Sue's cousin. She wanted a black and red theme like the I ♥ New York girl's hantaran the other day..

For my student's sister who got engaged on the 1st of May..

And for my cousin's wedding..

Which she tuko to look like this (along with the cookies and chocolates I also made for her) hehe..

Ok.. malas wanna write out much.. (and since I've been having some problems uploading photos jugak so malas tulis panjang kot nnt kene cancel je entry nihhh)


chapaticokelat^^ said...

likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lah cikguuuuuuuuuuu!!~

nnisa azizan said...

terliurrrrr tgk nih :P