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Friday, May 06, 2011

My Polkadot Experience

Okay.. I couldn't sleep well last night. Kept thinking and thinking and getting kinda sick at it so here I am, trying to do another 'colourful' entry to chase the blues away..

It started when I was struggling with my chocoloate-making (non-existant) skills. I kept getting all non-too-pleased with the result that I think Diana dah tak larat nak layan (haha..!) so she suggested I try something she was enjoying doing at the moment: Apam polkadot a.k.a Telur Dinosaur!

I can't say that I haven't noticed those colourful kuih on her profile but I was still trying my best at the chocolate thingey that it didn't register in my mind that I could do this. However, due to being locked up in the house coz malas nak keluar, I decided to try my hand at it.

Now Diana, bless her soul, had given the recipe along with a few tips she learnt and me being me, didn't ask her any questions and just copied the recipe.

My for my first try, I was quite impressed on how easy and less messy it was compared to cupcakes. I was having fun colouring the batter and all that UNTIL came the time for the polkadots.

I was debating with myself whether to put the dot before of after steaming (halfway la) and was a bit embarassed to kacau Diana and ask her so I decided to steam it halfway THEN only put the dots.


Halfway through, baru la kan terkedek nak buh the dots but after a few apams, I somehow felt there was something wrong somewhere so I didn't continue dotting the other apams..

..and this is the result!

Hahaha.. cam berbisul la pulak sy punye apam! Huduh giler hokey.. (wpun stil consumable laaa)

See the other apams which I didn't dot, jauh lagi lawa dari Apam Bisul sy haha..

So the next steamed batch (stil same mixture sbb dpt bnyk kannn!) I learnt my lesson and did the dots BEFORE steaming and voila!

Yeay! Jadik punnn hehe..

This batch I gave to my students (Ok, nape tetibe rase sedih di sini??!) but the next day I made another batch, nak test skill kah? Hahaha..

Very colourful kan.. ni Diana nye keje la ni pi ajaq kak Ayu dia! But thanx ye cik adik.. sgt seronok buat bende ni~☺


Papakeechee said...

u just upgraded the apom kuih to maintstream la ... sgt creatip! ... bila nak bukak kedai ni??? =)

blackmountain said...

seriously mcm telur dinasour dlm dynomite..& kalau tatau game tu wujud mesti kata nampak mcm crita smurfs punya cendawan heheh

masitahhasan said...

chumell2nya polkadot apam kak ayu.. (-_-).

Drama Mama said...

comellllllllllllll!!!! nak order ayu! cepat cepat tak my order!

Ayu Ikhwani said...

kak Rina: Got a lot of cikgus heheh..

kak anis: Haaaaa.. tu la, sy pun tingt Dynomite mase 1st time tgk mende ni ;D

Shitah: Dia cam org yg buat kot.. opssssss! Hahaha

Bai: Erkk.. baru 3 kali buat.. mcm terre hehe..

Ee said...

macam cendawan dalam kartun.. cumell