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Friday, April 29, 2011

Dlm ke'kacauan jiwa', masih sempat mencari tempat gelak dan ketawa =)

I've not been feeling that good since the past few weeks. My health pun not very good (style demam tak demam yg sgt la menyakitkan hati, baik la demam teruk sekali gus rather than demam skit² for 2 weeks) and my mental health pun agak tunggang langgang due to some things I'd rather keep to myself..

Anyway, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and all that but then I realized, this week hasn't been all blues and greys. In fact, I've found time to actually be amused and laugh a bit here and then.

Hmm.. lets see!
Monday: Had my form 1 class in Pt Buntar (my one and only form 1 class.. klau tak, beratur je kelas form 1 sy.. syukur la sgt sikit je tahun ni hehe..) I was laughing along with my class when outta the blue, one of my students declared "Besar nnt sy nak ngorat cikgu tau!"

What embarassed me the most was that, instead of laughing it off, I found myself blushing furiously to the delight of my students who started teasing me endlessly hahah.. adoi laaa Ayu!
Tuesday: Went to Honey to buy some chocolate moulds for my cousins wedding. The moulds cost only about RM2.80~RM3.50 each and I bought TWO.. only TWO! Know what I was charged?

RM 70 000++

..and I couldn't help myself from laughing out loud at the cashiers look on her face when she looked at the receipt!

Wednesday: I met two of my exstudents in Watsons and when they got home, they started reenacting the act of me singing in my car! Aiyakkk.. kantoi la plak ngan diorg but I couldn't help laughing at them as they teased me senselessly.. aishhh, miss those guys!

Thursday: Went about doing the chocolates for Intan's reception and was thoroughly amused when I looked at the outcome.. yup! My chocolates turned out to be kinda upside-down-inside-out when it came to the letterings.. faulty moulds (The ones that cost me RM70 000++ tuuuuu..) Hahaha..

Friday: Well, today I'm gonna be busy with cupcakes and cookies for Intan.. but I'm not gonna miss the wedding of the decade, am I?

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Drama Mama said...

see..if u focus on the positive side, things will be well for u kan. cheer up buddy!

i'm excited to see the results of ur cuppies and cookies plak nanti!