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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wisdom-less, now that I'm wisdomtooth-less?!

Yup.. I've finally managed to take out the wretched tooth. The one thats been giving me so much agony for the past few months and which always has given me a problem everytime I wanted to go to the dentist to extract it. The last one being, "Gusi awak bengkak so sy tak boleh nak cabut gigi kalau gusi bengkak. Sile makan ubat ni dan datang jumpe sy balik bile gusi awak dah tak bengkak", said the motherly dentist of USM dental clinic in USM Penang a.k.a the dentist yg come here to our campus every.. err, Thursday?

It was an outta the blue kinda decision. Actually, my gums have been fine for month but perasaan takut malas nak pegi cabut gigi overcame me so I never really made the effort until a few days ago.

Last week Yun had been complaining of her own tooth and suddenly on Tuesday, I had an out of body experience where my hand suddenly picked up the phone and promptly made an appointment for my tooth extraction. I wasn't afraid or anything jugak (Well, usually I'm not among those who are afraid of dentist, in fact I usually make sure I get my twice-a-year dental check. Its the tooth-extraction that gets me since I've never had one of those kot.. and maybe because of a traumatic experience when my dentist pulled out the front teeth when I was smaller!)

It was okay until 5 minutes to my appointment where I started regretting making the appointment. Yun (who also made an appointment but never got to the extraction part after the dentist offered,"Nak cabut ke atau tampal je?" <--Huh! Tak aci!) seemed relaxed so I didn't wanna show that I was starting to be afraid.

The dentist was as kind as ever. People tell me that its one of the worst pain, while some tell me its when they wanna 'bius' you which is the most painful.. so OF COURSE LA SY TAKUT GILER!

..which I found out was a waste of time coz I didn't notice when she finished with me! Hahahah..

I DID notice her applying pressure but it wasn't the 'pain' type so I was suprised when she put some clean gauze into my mouth and asked me to bite on it, then proceeded to give me a few packs of gauze to 'replace them when they get soggy'.

Huh? Dah abis ke? Nape tak sakit pun?!?!

Hahaha.. and now I feel like a fool sbb takut sgt berbulan² about this tooth extraction!

When the anesthetic had worn off, I was a bit afraid of the pain but instead I only felt a dull thud now and then.. tu je! Hahhhh! Sgt malu ok..

Tho I still can't eat. Not because of the pain (which btw, mmg takde!) but because I'm conscious of the gaping hole on where my tooth once was (mcm terbayang makanan tersekat kat dlm lubang yg blum tertutup itu.. acikah?)

So now, I'm the proud owner of a bloody wisdom tooth still in the plastic the dentist had given me. I no longer have any wisdom tooth in my mouth since this was the ONLY one which dared to come out thus making my teeth in a total of 28 semula!

Let's just see if I lose any wisdom (selame ni berwisdom sgt ke, Ayu?) with the loss of my wisdom tooth, eh? IF, I can get any clumsier and sillier than I am now haha..

Btw, org melayu ckp, klau gigi belakang dah tumbuh, tak leh tinggi dah! How bout klau dah tumbuh then kite gi cabut, adekah sy masih boleh meninggi?!?!


Drama Mama said...

are you still growing at this age? hahahha

btw, i think i remembered u having problem with ur wisdom tooth lastttttttt ling time ago. bukan dah cabut ka time tu?

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hahaha.. actually its the exact same tooth.. tp aritu kan tak leh cabut due to mu swollen gums.. then macam² alasan laaaa.. see, sgt drama kan over one wisdom tooth hehe.. =p