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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Entry campak² longgok²

Uhhh.. berhabuknye la haaaaii blog sy ni..

Selalu camtu, sometimes I have the idea on what to bebel, but don't have the time to sit in front of the pc. Then when I'm smack down in front of it, I'm not in the mood for blogging.. aci kah? Today I'm in the mood, but I've no extra time la pulak but since I don't want my blog mengumpul habuk, I'm gonna paste some recent cake projects here.. as usual lah kannn haha..

The first one is an order from kak Hafsah. No different actually from the recent ones i've been doing cume kali ni sy main ngan kaler biru, putih and kuning ☺ Thanx kak Hafsah!

Second one is for abg Azahar and kak Bibah for their joint birthday recently (actually tarikh tak same pun but both in February. I did the usual mudcake tp kali ni used peaches as the topping. Mmg lame dah nak buat yg peach but haven't found the brand that I like (ni pun brand sy tak brape suke tp takpe lah.. sbb strawberry and kiwi dah abis)

And the piece da resistance (prasan!) is an order from Arep for the birthday of his friend. I thought he wanted to order cake bese² je sbb dia pernah la order pineapple upside down tp kali ni dia nak cupcake.. Kecut trus sy! Hahah.. bkn ape, Arep is one of the most creative person I've ever know.. giler ngkau nak lawan kreatip nye! Was afraid my deco wouldn't par to his expectation.. but the end result was quite satisfactory (to my untrained eyes la.. at least takde la like the disaster I was afraid it was gonna be!)

Heheh.. ok, gtg! (Punye la malas takat paste gambo je.. ish²!)

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cik adha said...

cik ayu...kalau nak order boleh ker??? camne ek...