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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nasib baik arini cuti.. ☺

Sundays are usually my rest day since I have class the whole week long. Bayangkan, tiap malam from Monday to Saturday ade class, with an afternoon one (2.15~4.15pm) too on Saturday so Sunday mmg sgt² welcomed la for me. However, a few days ago, Aza called asking for help sbb Sir Thiru tak dpt nak dtg so dia kene carikkan ganti for that class. Luckily it was for form 3 so I already had the stuff ready for teaching.. and luckily, he was also teaching his class the same topic I was teaching my class.

That was why I was in Jawi at 9.15am this morning (ponteng jogging trus haha.. alas an ade kelas but actual alasan is malas!) When I finished class at 11.15am, I wanted to head straight home since I had planned to make some cookies but when I approaceh the campus, I remembered that I needed to print a few things out for my ‘personal project’ (brape bnyk personal project dah ntah budak Ayu ni haha.. sumer tak jalan sampai abis.. adeh!).

But I’m a very busy woman, okay! Pantang bukak pc, sblm search for the ideas I wanted to print, mesti bukak farm and bakery dulu. Kutip ape yg patut, tanam ape yg patut, kaur dari oven ape yg patut and masak balik ape yang patut (yeahhh.. right! If in real life camni, kaye sy!) Then sedar tak sedar, the Zohor azan was heard throughout the campus.

I took my telekung and headed to the surau on the second floor while my head was still wondering on the ideas I wanted to find for (lets call it) Personal Project C2011. I performed my solah and when I was finished, I got ready with my hijab and all, then opened the door to the musolla only to have this sight to greet me..

Erkkk?! Ape telah sy buat?

Hahah.. cepat² pandang kiri kanan, worried someone would’ve noticed my blunder. Lucky me, its Sunday so takde sape kat atas ni instead of the usual working days where ramai la jugak orang since the musolla is right in front of the pantry.

Malu nak turun, tau!

Had a laugh with Ramadhan just now about how oblivious I was to what I was doing. I’m still baffled tho, sah² la one is strappy sandals with small straps and the other is a rubber slipper with wider straps.. camne la sy tak leh pasan?

Haishh.. Ayu.. Ayu..

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Drama Mama said...

hahahahha....hmmm kalau dah beranak can blame it on the urat putus, but in ur case, what shall we blame it on? hehehehhe