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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Something to smile about..

The past two weeks have been quite hard on me due to personal and health problems. The only thing I wanna do is feel sorry for myself while shutting out everyone else..

However, a few days ago I came up with a project for a friend. Was a bit half-hearted at it as first as I was still not in a sociable mood but since it IS kinda boring being antisocial, I guess I really did make at least a bit of an effort in it and decided to try something new. Tadaaaa..

I know, I still need practice. BUT, for me, I was a bit proud of my effort. Okay la, that is like pretending to be humble hahah.. I was actually beaming with the result coz I dodn't expect it to turn out okay. YES, I wanted to try something new, and YES I've been planning on it for some time BUT, NO, I didn't expect it to look like this. I expected funny-looking figurines and smudges everywhere.. and though it still had smudges, I'm kinda satisfied with the end product thee hee.. and I found myself smiling as I tied a huge ribbon around the box!

As my friend would say, dibuat dengan penuh kasih sayang hahah.. sebab tu bende yg expect tak jadi pun bleh jadi.. aci ke? (Actually this is our excuse everytime bende camni jadik hehe.. klau tak jadi as expected, mule la tuduh tak ikhlas kaaannn)

But I think my ideas sampai sini je la haha.. I don't really have THAT much ideas and can't figure out my next figurine-project camne lagik..

The leftover cuppies were given to my students yg sgt la byk comment!

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