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Thursday, December 10, 2009

My source of happiness!

Yesterday was the third day of my 'ganti puasa' marathon. Okay², tahun ni sy lmbt skit ganti, byk activity lepas raya <--lousy excuse, I know! Couldn't boast la, "Syawal lagi dah abis gantiii..!" tahun ni haha..

Anyway, ever notice, klau puase time Ramadhan, sgt relax je but when doing the 'ganti'ing, terase jugak la yg diri sedang berpuase.

Well, yesterday was a bit tiring for me la kot. I had my usual classes and the truth is, deep down inside, I was regretting the class actually. By Zohor, my tummy was grumbling bagai ku tidak bersahur and my brain felt like it was melting outta my head.

I practically dragged my feet to my 5.15pm class and try as I might, my studetns noticed that Teacher Ayu tak ceria hari ni. I wasn't like scowling ke ape ke, I was still smiling in fact but something in my face must've betrayed me and I was counting the minutes for class to finish.

Had Siti ask me,"Cikgu penat ke?"

And Syafiq say,"Alaaa, nape cikgu tak ceria nih?"

And tatau-sape ask,"Cikgu ganti puase ke?" Diselangi dengan gelak ketawa yg agak annoying la kan.. huh! Grow up la you guys.. dah nak masuk 17 dah pun!

I just continued the class and gave them questions to answer. While walking around, I received a text from Mat and I must've smiled coz suddenly Adam Fadhli (I have 3 Adam's in this class.. and only 1 Hawa haha..) exclaimed..

"Ehh.. cikgu dah senyum!"

Erk.. now I felt guilty! And couldn't help giving out a small laugh at his face..

It didn't stop there. A few of them knew how much I'm shriek-prone so while I was letting my mind wander away, Syafiq and Adam Syahir crept up to me with this dust-ball kinda toy and scared the wits outta me when they threw it in my direction (I was actually imagining the four-legged thingey!)

..and when I'm embarassed for shrieking, I can't help being a bit red-face while grining to kaver malu!

Then a whole gang of them chorused,"Camtu la.. ceria sikit!"

Alahaiiii budak² ni..

Someone aksed me to stop teaching. How could I, when these kiddies are my only source of laughter?

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