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Monday, December 28, 2009

Congrats Ina Bashah ☺

This is actually a very late entry. Been wanting to write about it earlier tp byk kekangan (cewahhhh!) haha..

In AlMashoor, during forms 1 to 3, I had only one deskmate: Sarina Md Bashah.

Both of us always came to school early but we ALWAYS took the last two seats at the back of the class, adjecent to the back door.. even if the class was still empty and we still had our pick of seats.

She was a sleepy head and depended on me to wake her up if the teachers came to the back of the class. While I was the tak-kene-tempat bookworm, always with a book under my desk while the teacher was in front and depended on her to poke me when the teachers came near us.. in short, we were a great takmau-belajaq team! Hehe..

Still, she had this uncanny ability to KNOW what was going on in class. This was proven when one day, both of us were in our own worlds in Mr Chong's class. He must've realized I was reading as he suddenly called out my name asking the year of something. I was panicky at being kantoi-ed but Sarina suddenly woke up and GAVE ME THE CORRECT YEAR!

..I wasn't safe though, as Sir Chong tested me by asking if I was sure of the answer. In my panic, I gave out a random year, hence: kantoi lagik, thus started my 'war' against Sir Chong hahah..

Anyway, I liked being her deskmate. Though I always told her she was abnormal. Why? Throughout those years, she kept talking about this boy she liked whom we named AA (short for Azrul Affendy). She NEVER looked at any other guy nor talked about someone else and to me that wasn't normal for us (then) teenagers.

But other than that, she was cool!

A few years ago, she texted me asking, "Ni Ayu yg selalu bace buku bwh meje kan?" and we've kept in touch since. But during this time, she was no longer with AA and had some problems which I won't write here but is worthy of the old Drama Swasta series. Not that is was what they wanted.. I was sad for her as I knew how much she cared (Ye laaa.. not normal la asyik sebut name AA jek!)

Then a few months ago, Bart gave me some good news but asked me to keep it as a secret. I was tergedik wanting to ask Sarina about it but couldn't as I had promised Bart. But as soon as Sarina texted me hinting on it, I pounced on the subject like a hungry lion.. then fastforward to a few months later, on the 12th of December, Sarina and AA finally became man and wife!

I actually had to make up a story as to miss a workshop we had then coz I couldn't miss this wedding for the life of me! I told kak Ira my 'story' and whaddya know, kak Ira was Ina's cousin.. and Ayu kantoi lagi! Sib baik kak Ira sporting.. while bising² Ayu tipu dia hahah..

Anyway, here's the bride and groom..

And lucky us (for going late hahah.. abis sy kene marah ngan Bart sbb lambat sgt!), we were actually being layan-ed by the bride.. yeayyy! Also were saved with the ayaq pengatin (blue kaler youuu! With lemony taste..). Here's Ina and Bart after we finished eating (sambil sy diperli² oleh Bart sbb lambat!)

..and the newly weds! Btw, after a lifetime calling him AA, we actually used THAT name for him when speaking to him hahah.. cian dia!

..and me 'amik berkat'!

Was really happy for her and it was shown on her face. Sempat lagi we talked about how things finally turned out when she walked us to Bart's car.

And for the newly weds, I dedicate on of my soundtrack kawen hahah..

I Live My Life For You ~ Firehouse

Y'know you're everything to me
And I could never see
The two of us apart
And you know I give myself to you
And no matter what you do
I promise you my heart

I've built my world around you
And I want you to know
I need you like I've never needed
Anyone before

I live my life for you
I want to be by your side
In everything that you do
And if there's only one thing you can believe is true
I live my life for you

I dedicate my life to you
You know that I would die for you
But our love would last forever
And I will always be with you
And there is nothing we can't do
As long as we're together

I just can't live without you
And I want you to know
I need you like I've never needed anyone before

I live my life for you
I want to be by your side
In everything that you do
And if there's only one thing you can believe is true
I live my life for you


Mazlan A S Leanny said...

aaa...lama tak selak blog ni...dok tertunggu jugak pic couple berdua ni...rupanya dah posted..btw congratulations to both of u....very very old friends of mine.....

Anonymous said...

From someone met long ago...varsity. Now i know whqt really ponders. Thats why i always wonders...happy marriage

Ayu Ikhwani said...

I wonder who you are, Anonymous.. tp Alhamdulillah kan, semua dah ok.. they have a kid now =)