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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hari ni sy raye!! ☺

Akhirnye, setelah berbulan mencube, sy sudah raye hari ni.. yeay! Hahah..

I know, a bit lembap this year.. but at least I finished before the new year right. Both new years pulak tu, with 1 Muharram tomorrow and 1st January in a few more days. So of course I'm happy! And what a better time than now since I've been having a terrible week.

Started with a spliting headache that refused to go away. Then on Saturday, it went away just enough for the 'bomb' to be dropped on me but at least I managed to forget it during Ina's kenduri (OoooOOoo, haven't update on that yet right.. great day for her and I'm happy for her). Then turned out I had tonsilitis (the actual reason for the headace and fever, me thinks!) and had to eat these sgt smelly meds.. yuck! Still taking them btw.. ughhh..

But today, for my raya, I was pleasantly suprised when my students were genuinely concerned on my throat haha.. They had known about my condition when I wasn't as talkative nor loud in class as usual. Most of the girls suggested tips they learnt on the internet like eating ice-cream and such. Munirah even suggested I just go with surgery to take them out.. erkkk!

Still, I was touched! Thanx guys!

So I'm dreaming of a choc chip pie I saw in Pt Buntar the other day to celebrate my raya.. aci kah? Looked yummy!

Another 'raya' update that is not-so-raya-like: Me and Farah were at the musolla for Zohor prayers when kak Sue and kak Ira came in. Kak Ira has been worried seeing my eyes swollen so much since the past days (and she's making me worried jugak since I remember its like a sign of kidney problem or something). She thinks I've been crying too much hahah..

Anyway, as usual, after solat I'd do a bit of a wirid and doa so while sy sedang berdoa dengan penuh khusyuk dan tawadhuk (nmpk sgt la tipu kan!), I heard her commenting to kak Sue (See! Khusyuk kunun!) about my swollen eyes and of her suspiscion that I've been crying a lot. Then kak Sue being kak Sue dengan sengajenye raised her voice and said, "Alaaa, tu kan dia tengah doa tu.. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, ringan kan la jodoh aku.." Bla.. blaa.. blaaa..

I was in the midst of my doa and I burst out laughing out loud. Hampeh kak Sue.. she was already shrieking by then, knowing yg dia dah berjaya tumbuh tanduk dan menggangu org yg sedang berdoa hahah.. and when I looked at her, she had the cheeks to flash the peace sign to me! Ceh! Hahaha..

No wonder I love our kakaks in the office haha..

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