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Saturday, June 30, 2007

My day!

"Ayu the Golliwogg!"

Whew! What a day it was for me yesterday :)

Woke up a bit late as I had woke up earlier for sahur (my last day for puase nazar!) then went to sleep after Subuh prayers. After taking my shower, did my usual face routine starting with the toner and YEEEOOOWWWWW!! It hurt!!!

My sun-burnt face was peeling and the toner was so painful on the delicate skin underneath the peelings. Shhheesssh! It was then that I realized, "Gosh! I look like a golliwogg!!!" So hitam la I was heheh.. and I don't even remember sitting in the sun during our traffic survey the past two days. But then I remembered, it was near the sea, and though the sea breeze was sooo comforting, it also bought along the heatwave that we couldn't feel, thus making us all looked like brunt steaks hehe.. Oh well, it'll go.. I hope!

Then, early (well, not-so-early la actually!) in the morning at school, I received the balance for the payment of the traffic survey.. yeay!! Moolahhh hehe..

But then, something happened. I was talking with kak Win and Remy, commenting on the new organization chart downstairs and as we wen up the stairs, kak Win asked me if I wanted to hear something. Sensing that she seemed a bit upset, I just agreed.. and to my annoyance, I found myself irritated with a colleague of mine.

Two days before, we were supposed to start our traffic counting at 6.30am. I'm usually quite fussy when it come to this as we are paid quite handsomely for a simple job so I usually think it shouldn't be a big probelem to try to be on time. The day before we started at 6.45 but this was because we didn't know the actual site. That day, however, we knew genarally which site it was but didn't know the exact intersection. However, our leader made us promise to meet at this intersection near the jetty, and reminded us constantly where to park and meet.

So the next day, me and the girls (Dgon, Wani, Yanti and kak Sue) made sure we arrived at the USM mosque at 5.45am to ensure us arriving at the site at a considerable time before 6.30.. not wanting to be late like yesterday.

We arrived at the promised intersection at 6.20am, and quite proud of being early until we realized our leader had yet to arrive. I wasn't quite surprised as when Dgon called him at 5.20am, he had only woken up while we were already on our way to pick up kak Sue, the last one in our group.

But then, we were left waiting till 6.40am. By then, Dgon once again called our leader and found out he had ONLY GOT OF THE BRIDGE which in his language actually means I'M STILL HALFWAY ON THE BRIDGE!

We were quite annoyed, but thinking that since it was the leader who was late, no one could blame us. Then, when he arrived, he went straight to HIS intersection and asked US TO GO TO HIM, instead of he himself, who was already nearly half an hour late, come to the promised venue. I was a bit pissed at him by now but I thought maybe we had changed sites.. but believe it or not, he asked us to go to his site JUST TO TELL US OUR SITE WAS RIGHT WHERE WE WERE WAITING!


I was membebeling all the way BACK to the place we had been waiting, thinking that can't he just tell us on the phone where our site was when he knew perfectly well we were already there? Wani, Yanti and kak Sue (Dgon went with Ramadhan) just smiled, letting me be the only one venting out our frustrations.. as a result, we started at 7.00am.

Well, back to yesterday morning. It turned out, our leader had cheated in his data and stated that he had started at 6.45am (when he hadn't even arrived yet at that time) while our group were goody-two-shoes and written down that we had started at 7.00am.

Kak Win and Leong questioned our leader about the different time in the data collection and know what he said, "Group Ayu datang lambat, so diorang start lambat. Saya dah sampai awal dah tunggu diorang tapi diorang lmbat sangat so saya start dulu.."

And I sat there, open-mouthed at kak Win's explanation, all the while thinking, "Great! Now I'M the one to blame, since I was the one driving, and they (the traffic team) won't ask me to go for traffic counting again!"

Luckily, there was Wani and Yanti who were kak Win's sisters. Kak Win has suspected that our leader was trying to put the blame on us as she was home when I went to pick up Wani and Yanti at 5.05am that morning, so she was quite confused on how we could arrive so late. And she told me, Yanti especially was VERY defensive when kak Win questioned her, even told kak Win how I was membebeling in the car because he was late and we had to wait for him while Dgon had called him twice while we were waiting for his orders.. AND to think that he repeated the same 'Ayu's-group-came-fashionably-late-for-the-traffic-counting-even-if-she-knew-how-important-time- was' to Leong. Man! Was I annoyed.. but I was glad I didn't hafta defend myself.. Yanti and Wani had done that for me.. Bravo!

I have always been a bit uncomfortable, being imfamous for being a bit too much fussy about punctuality during traffic counting that my juniors assosciate me with, but yesterday, I was glad everyone knew I was that fussy!

Good thing our leader didn't come that day (he had actually raised his voice to kak Win when she questioned him and I dunno if its true or not but Leong claimed it was as if he was ready to gaduh too!)

But now, all of us (except our leader who was kinda banned from traffic counting-and I don't think its fair that he shouldn't be allowed to join us boo-hoo!) have to REPEAT the data collection for that day on this Tuesday.. see why I'm irritated with him? He was the cause of us having to repeat it yet he won't hafta do it with us this Tuesday.. eeeeeeee!!! Marah tul..

Then, last night, Abah had this BBQ for his students who had just finished their industrial training with him and he had asked us to come. I had brought Dgon along with me as we had planned to watch Transformers after the BBQ.

What I want to talk about isn't about the BBQ, but about Abah and Iskandar.

At the start of the feast, before the doa and all that, Abah made some announcements. I was listening half-heartedly so I didn't actually know what Abah was talking about. Suddenly, I heard Abah saying that he wanted to introduce his anak to the guests and I was like, "Uh-oh!" but I noticed Iskandar straightening up instantly with a hint of smile on his face.. he used to be Abah's favourite, you know.. :(

And, somehow, I don't think I can forgive Abah for what he did after that. He took Annisa and told everyone that this was his anak while he didn't even glance at Iskandar. Me and Izati, we don't care anymore! But it hurt to see Iskandar's expression change.. like I said, Iskandar was once Abah's favourite that everone called him 'Notebook Abah' coz wherever Abah went, he was always tagging along. But last night, Abah acted as if Iskandar didn't mean anything..

Iskandar stayed inside, even when I persuaded him to eat. I saw that he was trying his best to not cry while pretending to be mad at Abah. Luckily, Izati and Mira came so when all of us forced him to go eat, pretending to make a joke out of it, he reluctantly went. But all the while, he was quiet and I wish I could just take that hurt away from him, and let him enjoy the night. Towards the end, he suddenly said that he didn't care.. but as we know, he was just trying to convince himself. Mama told him to loosen up and don't be so tense and he started to say out his mind but all of us cut him by telling him it wasn't good to be angry in front of the food..

You know, its a good thing he loves Annisa too much to hate her for taking all the attentioin away.. and Abah should really realize that before he loses the only child left who sincerely wants his attention.

He should realize, his 'Notebook' needs him.. :(

Hehe.. whoever grew up in the 80s must really have a dose of the Transformers. When I was smaller, I wasn't actually a fan of the Transformers but since The Boys (Iwan and Adi's joint nickname) loved them and since I did nearly everything with them, I watched the Transformers too..

However, for the movie, I wasn't really excited about it. I just wanted to watch it coz that was what I do with movies hehe..

Went straight ot Megamall after the BBQ and we were lucky to secure some not-so-front tickets.. I still haven't gotten over watching Star Wars in the third seat from front, where I had a headache that lasted the whole night through the next day :D

Anyway, when the movies started, my mind wasn't actually into the movies yet.. until I heard the familiar sound the Transformers make whenever they wanted to change (this was in the first scene where one of the Decepticons transformed at someplace, a military base or something)! Hehe.. all at once, the memories of the 2D cartoon I grew up with started to come back to me :)

Even at the scene where Sam wanted to buy a car.. and somehow, I have a vague memory that in the cartoon, his name was Spike.. am I right? The yellow Camero at first didn't attract my attention until Sam went into the car and I saw a Bumblebee at the rear view mirror.. and hey presto! I remembered my favourite Autobot, Bumblebee.. though I'm really quite sure Bumblebee was a Yellow Beetle.. am I right here again, or what?

All in all, I enjoyed it though it was a bit hard to accept Optimus Prime explaining to Sam (I still think its Spike) that the Autobots learned English from the Wrold Wide Web haha.. I still remember their planet Cybertron and was delighted when Optimus Prime talked about it.. though it was a bit strange to see the Autobots NOT in their actual form (the same goes for the Decepticons actual, with Megatron not even resembling what I remembered him to be). Like Optimus Prime, he was still a kepala trailer but he had these flame designs on him instead of just being plain blue and red.. but at least he still maintains his same colour.

Then there was Jazz, the second in command for the Autobots whom I also liked because he always seemed to be ghe brain of the Autobots. I couldn't seem to find Starscream though, and I loved to hate him coz he was so poyo and always acting as Megatron's second man (though he actually really was huh?). And even Soundwave (I think it was Soundwave la..), I thought he was supposed to be quite big, but in the movie, he's just a small radio..

The other Transformers, I don't quite remember.. but it seemed to make me remember that once upon a time ago, I grew up with these robots hehe..

Good movie.. those from the 80s, you shouldn't really miss it, you know! :)

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