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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grr.. nak marah pun ade!! Sabo je lah..

I've had my car back with me for more than 2 weeks now.. sepatutnye they (the workshop) had made sure everything was okay la kan.. sepatutnye.. *sigh*

My first impression when I got my car back was: Bisingnye engine dia skrg..

..which I ignored sbb ingt kot dia tuko bnyk sgt bende kan due to the accident. Ye la, the supervisor in-charge had assured me a few days earlier that my car was ready and they only had to make a THOROUGH INSPECTION to makes they had not made any mistakes.

Sungguh naif diriku ini..

Endured the noisy engine which made me cringe sbb rase cam satu taman leh dgr.. okay lagi..

Then a week after, I noticed that whenever I made a turn, there was a noise. Sheesh.. remembered when I once had this problem and they had to change the drive shaft(?) ka apa ka.. cost me RM400++ kot klau tak silap. Tp dlm hati, takkan aritu diorg tak tuko kot?!?!

I had planned to go and check with them but was told by some friends that some workshops have this 'warranty period' (usually 1 week) and since I only noticed this around 10 days after I got my car, I might have to pay for whatever it is they might do to my car.. sheesh! Dah la takde gaji niiiiiii.. bongok laaaa

Tawwakal je laaa..

Then on Tuesday, had to go to kak Nab's house for some briefing on the program we're having at the end of this month. Mule tu ok je, but when I started speeding on the highway, that was this queer noise coming from my left front tyre.. the same one that was bashed in the accident.. ohhh, apekah ini?

Me and Yun tried to see if there was anything (visibly) wrong but couldn't find anything. When we continued our journey, the noise became louder and stranger everytime I speeded that in the end, I drove only 80km/hr on the highway.. agak sabar la jugak kan sy nak bwk slow gitu kat highway hahah..

Then, rezeki turun dari langit.. I had not expected any gaji for this month as I had missed my classes for 2 months (first month due to Ramadhan.. the second due to no car after the accident) but I got a call from the tuition centre saying they had a cheque for me. I'm guessing my students who hadn't paid in the last few months hgad finally manage to pay.. yeay!

Still, I was only expecting around 200~300 only as yg berhutang pun ade la dlm 10~15 org je kot but I got a mild suprise when I saw a cheque for RM700++.. okay, sy tau tak la bnyk mane, but since I wasn't expecting ANYTHING, sgt la terase mcm suke. Mau pulak, I was worried about the condition of my car and really wanted to check it, just in case lambat² kang lagi teruk and my kete kene tahan workshop lagi.. which would lead to me missing my classes again and no gaji gaian plak kang next month klau camtu..

This time I went to my usual mechanic and he showed me the problem.. ok, boleh tak nak marah, my tyre was like hanging by a thread (okay, I'm exagerrating!). Sib baik tak jadi ape² mase going to and from kat Seberang Jaya smlm tu.. and the total cost? RM450.. huwaaaaa~~

So sile kire brape je balance dpt kat sy.. sewa rumah pun tak lepas ni..

Macam sedih tak rase?

My usual mechanic told me to file a report to my insurance company about what the previous workshop had done. He even kept the spare part buruk giler they had used on my car.. tatau la, ade gak perasaan nak buat smlm tp bese la Ayu, malas mengatasi segalenye..


On the bright side, tu pun nasib baik ade students byr utang kan.. so AT LEAST I have a bit of money to stretch around. Ce klau tadek langsung, mane nak cari duit byr mechanic smlm?!? Or worse, if I didn't go check my car and something bad happened while I was driving.. naudzubillah!

Anyway: Sesape ade keje kosong yg temporary punye dak?!?!


Irfan Kuroneko said...

Hahaha .. sabo je la ..

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Uuu.. sakit ati tauuu.. nak hafta kire every cent.. aiyaaaaa

Drama Mama said...

ya Allah...u should file a complaint la ayu. amin pn baru ni hantaq gi buat aircond..dah la kena mahal then orang tu bagi bocoq tank apa ka tah. nasib dia nk ganti. huhuhu