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Friday, October 01, 2010

Sy diganggu gangster Taman Sempadan =)

I've been having migrains for the past few days and yesterday wasn't an exception. Trus je tak dpt nak pegi jamuan raya for school (though adekah sy mmg tanak pegi? Hahah..) So smlm tido la sy sampai pukul 4.00pm.. sgt la nyenyak ok! The afternoon spent reading some books (novels.. bukan academic!) then menjelang malam, bersiaplah mau ke kelas dengan perasaan sangat ceria sbb dah tido lame and dah tak sakit kepale (klau tak cam malas je sbb ngantuk and penat kann hehe..)

Anyway, when I went home, as usual I parked the car under the porch and switched off the engine of the car. As I went to close the gates of my home, I realized that a pair of eyes was watching me..

The horrors of it!!

So I pretended NOT to notice those eys and continued to close the gate while my heart was beating so fast. I wanted to quickly open the doors to my house and escape to the privacy and safety of my home but those eyes never left me.

The owner of the eyes was sitting near the drain at my house with his hand drapped casually over the pipe near the drain. It took me a while to open the door as I was shaking badly. When I finally opened the door, I actually jumped into the house and slammed the door.

But then a thought came to me: Who the hell does this guy think he was, scaring me outside my own home?!!

So defiantly I opened the door and stared back at him (though I was still scared). I was hoping it'd scare him a bit to know (or think) that I wasn't afraid of him.. but he didn't budge. So I did the next best thing..

I took a bottle a threw it to him!

But he didn't run away, in fact he kept staring at me.. *creepy*

I found another bottle and again threw it at him but he was very stubborn.. never moved an inch!

It was then that I gave up and ran back inside the house, slammed the door shut after locking up and stuffed the gap underneath the door with newspapers..

Oh Mr K, bile la nak benti stalking sy ni?!!?!?


Drama Mama said...

hahahahahha...creepy! u almost got me there...i thought it was a PERSON ok! rupa-rupanya Mr. K! tak berambus2 lagi dia ekkkk.

Ayu Ikhwani said...

:) Well, still la accepted stalker ok.. seriusly, dia cam dok pandang sy tanpe blinking giving me the creeps hehe.. =p

Eifan said...

Hahaha .. Mr K lg ??

hasrul hassan said...

Sapa Mr K? uhh ayu .. saya telefon ... sms tak berbalas .. kena barred ke?


Ayu Ikhwani said...

Irfan: Sape lagikkkk *sigh*

Hasrul: Ahahaha.. Mr K kaki empat.. eh, smlm sy reply la tanye alamat umah sbb sy tak penah gi umah awak.. tp takde misscall pun.. awak tercall org len ape.. uwaaa, miss trus bihun tomyam nye

Lee Zha said...

katakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! hahaha

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hehehe.. takde Mr K lain dlm idup akak, Za =p