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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Okay.. skrg sy rase malu la plak ngan kawan².. =p

Hahahaha.. gelak jap bg ilang malu skit =p

Blog sy ni bkn la private blog kan, tp wpun bukan private blog, sy tau sy tak ramai readers and I like it that way. The only reason I opened a free blog was coz I needed somewhere to write as I really loved writing during my school days. I don't advertise my blog nor do I post the URL on my FB or whatsoever just so only my friends know about the existance of my blog. And klau ade yg stumble upon my blog mase dok bloghopping tu, takpe la..

Anyway, since I always assume that my blog doesn't have that much visitors, I've used it as a tool to express pent up emotions I feel day to day too. Little did I know, my tak-malu-confession about thinking of someone I should've forgotten years telah dibace oleh beberape org hahah.. malu okay!

And lebih malu bile Dayah and Yun bace since they always knew what I never realized and were witness to some of those things ahahahaha.. and to think that when they were around here, I NEVER told them anything about this! Adehhhh.. malu sehhhhh..

Now I'm gonna find a big rock to hide under..

And just to answer some questions from the previous entry that I avoided to answer sbb malu bile tetibe org tanye: He's not in my life anymore and hasn't been in it for almost 8 years now but since he started as one of the best friends I could ever have here, he has this great impact in my life. Thats why it still feels like a huge gap. And yes, I don't really wanna remember someone who couldn't even tell me he was getting married after three years of not talking to me (he asked his mother to tell me.. ada ka?!) and no, I'm not THAT pathethic to still want him now (though pathetic enough to whine about it once in a while kaaan hahaha..) so kwn² ku, jgn la risau ye.. sy still ade principles ☺


Drama Mama said...

hahahahha...takpa ayu, lama2 you'll get used to it bila nanti pembaca dah ribu-riban. hahahaha

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Bai: Takmo la readers ribu riban.. nnt tak leh nak citer bkn² kat sini haha.. at least klau cam sy citer pasal MNF ke ape ke, you je paham.. kang klau readers ribu riban, ramai plak yg paham or cari.. mati sy heheh..