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Monday, February 04, 2008

A tale of the stupid me!

"Trust no one!!!"

..itulah kate² Salimin hari Sabtu lepas!

You know, sometimes I think that I never learn!!! *tatau nak marah ke atau nak kecewa ngan diri sendiri*

I'm quite close to a few of my juniors and most of the time, I treat them like my own siblings, especially the ones I'm close to. Once in a while, I get to know new people and just like that, I get all friendly with them and that.

Anyway, I just got to know one of them a few months ago. We had gone to do some traffic counting and since most seniors aren't here, I had to take along some juniors, mainly Izham a.k.a Chik Am, Azmil and this junior I'll call 'H'. Naturally, we had a good time and the friendship continues even now.

During other traffic countings, 'H' told me he didn't have any money so he wanted to borrow some. It struck me as odd at first as

1. I just knew the guy for a few weeks
2. Can't his friends help him?

But knowing how difficult it is when we don't have money (Hey.. I'm the expert of not having money here heheh..), I just gave him RM20 of the ONLY RM100 I had at that time. He paid me of course, after a few months and I didn't actually think about it anymore until a few weeks ago.

Truth is, he's been quiet after borrowing my money but since I wasn't as close to him as I was with the other two, it didn't actually bother me. Still, suddenly a few weeks ago he contacted me..

*sigh* I know, I know.. I should've learnt my lesson ages ago. Some people only go and find you whenever they're in trouble or want you to help them or when they've been 'left out by their friends'. Once they're outta the trouble, or when they have 'new friends' then you're also outta the picture. It wouldn't hurt if they just left, but it hurts like hell when they leave and backstab you to other friends.. which indirectly made me realize what a 'pendendam' I actually am to those involved who laughed behind my back when no one thought of asking my side of the story! Gile tul hahah, I scare myself by how teruk I am.. serius! I have my little revenges now and then for at least now, I don't feel THAT guilty heheh.. *bertaubat la Ayu oiiiiii!!!*

Oh, sudah terkeluar topic!

Anyway, guess why he contacted me? Yup, he wanted to borrow more money. Luckily (for me, but maybe unluckily for him!), as some of you know, there was something wrong with my pay from November to January where I didn't receive any payment so truthfully I told him about it. But I also made the wrong step (or maybe it was a blessing in disguise, given that this was why I started despising him!) of telling him I was expecting my cheque the next week.

Guess what he did the next week? Hahah, he asked me if I had received my cheque so he could borrow my money..

Okay, this was a bit too far! I mean, who in their right mind whould ask their friend about their pay so they could borrow some.. aiyakkk! Tak ke kite akan malu nak buat camtu? By then, I was a bit annoyed.. dah la cheque tak siap and Bendahari cam ampeh when we called asking about my pay (those in USM know WHO this Bendahari girl I'm talking about is!), then this guy dengan suke hati dia je tanye pasal my gaji.. gile ke?

Once again I told him I didn't have any.. but this cycle repeated itself again a few days later and by then, I was quite pissed but I just gritted my teeth and told him as gently as ever that I DON'T HAVE ANY EXTRA MONEY!

Then, last week I finally got my 3 months pay.. yeay!! Terase macam orang kaye haha, but I reminded myself of the RM2541 fee (as Puga had quoted!) for PhD. Mase membayar hutang haha.. I had borrowed from Mama (Ohhh, sungguh malu!) so I was glad to pay her back. I also paid all the house rents, bills and bla.. bla.. bla..

On Friday, 'H' smsed me again asking if he could borrow money. Like I said, I was already pissed with him but since I had promised (Ohhh, Ayu sedang menipu.. sebenarnye bagi dia pinjam just to get him off my back and outta my sight as I was already dreading sms or calls from him by then..), I told him I can only give him RM100. (I actually told him I couldn't give him much since I wanted to pay my fees but guess what, when I told him about it, he just asked me to give him as much as I can.. gile nak marah time tu!)

The next morning, while watching cartoons (theehee..), he smsed again asking when was I gonna give him the money. Okay, by then I was almost swearing (sib baik my swearing vocab masih kecil hehe..). I mean, I had classes on Saturdays practically the whole day, from 2pm to 10pm with little breaks in the middle so I didn't like him to 'disturb' my free morning. I replied saying I was in the middle of teaching (see how much I'm lying hahah!) and just for the heck of it, I decided to only send the money to him that night AFTER my class <--Ohh, Ayu sgt jahat!

However, when my second class ended at 6.30pm, I was suddenly filled with this guilt so I decided to go send the money to him right there and then. Besides, he had told me he didn't have money for lunch..

And guess again: Where was he when I called?



I became even more pissed and my voice had already rised a pitch when I told him I was gonna pass the money to Salimin and I ended the call.

I called Salimin and told him I wanted to meet him to pass some money to H and to my suprise, Salimin suddenly drilled me on why was I giving money to this boy. At the same time, H smsed me and asked my if I told Salimin about him borrowing my money and now, I was beginning to be a bit suspiscious..

The first thing Salimin told me when I saw him was, "Klau dia nak pinjam duit akak, saya tanak tolong passkan duit tu.."

I must've stared into his face as he repeated what he said and asked me, "Betul kan, dia nak pinjam duit akak?"

Then Salimin (Bless his soul.. and thank God for making H not in the campus so I'd have to see Salimin.. who btw, is VERY close to H) told me that H has been borrowing money from so many people but never paid back. Some of them have even graduated and he always avoids them. Even the students who are still here, he'd either avoid them at the hostel or not answer their calls when they phone him.. and according to Salimin, this has been happening for ages.

I was suprised.. and a bit hurt! I mean, I guess since he couldn't borrow from his friends, he decided to ask me, with hopes that I hadn't heard about him..

In the end, I still gave RM50 to Salimin, just in case that guy really didn't have any money to eat but Salimin was reluctant as he had already started to mistrust H and I also felt the same way but I was kinda afraid as I had promised him, and I don't like people breaking their promise to me, do I..

But the next morning, Salimin told me that he only gave H RM30. This was because, when H came to see him, he decided to try and advice this guy but it fell on deaf ears so he didn't wanna give the whole amount at H.

As expected, H asked me why he didn't receive what I had promised him huhu.. and as I know about myself, I'm a coward when it comes to confronting people so at first I pretended to not notice it but when he kept asking, I decided, what the heck, its not as if I'm face to face with him anyway, so..

I told him the truth.. of what I had intended and what had happened and what I heard and how frustrated me and Salimin were (Salimin just got to know about this a few days before me..) when we heard about him. It was a long sms but I managed to sum it all up pretty good..

..or so I thought!

Know what he replied? "Ooo, so kirenye RM30 je la ye? Berape yg akak bg kat diorg tu sbnrnye? Diorg bg saya RM30 je"

Lailahailallah! Ya Allah, sabarkan lah hatiku yang sudah hilang batas antara bersabar dan nak mengamuk!!

I didn't reply at all after that.. but a few hours later, he sent me another sms stating that at least he hadn't done that to me yet!!! Gile ape, nak tunggu dia dah buat ke baru nak suruh saya menyesal.. memang tak paham bahase betul la budak tu!!! He then told me the other kids didn't pick up the phone when he wanted to ask their accounts la apa la.. berbagai² alasan yg sungguh tidak dapat diterime pakai..

And he had the guts to ask for the remaining money I had promised!!!

Ohhhh.. terase sgt bodoh melibatkan diri ngan org² camni.. when will I learn?

Sib baik ade Salimin..

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