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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Murid².. sile buat karangan bertajuk "Minggu Malang bg Ayu"..


For this whole week, today is the ONLY day I managed to come to work at 8am. The previous 3 days have been quite frustrating.. but whats a bit of frustration now and then, huh?

Monday found me queueing at Public Bank in Bagan Serai to cash in my cheque for tuition classes. I had planned to use the money for my car insurance and road tax.. and was planning to buy a new pair of jeans too :D

Anyway, there I was, queueing with 20 people in front of me, and only 3 operating counters.. sheesh!

Then, after getting my money, I crossed the road to Takaful Malaysia just to realize that I had left the car grant at home.. so of course I had to rush back to retrieve it and then went to Takaful in Parit Buntar to renew my insurace policy.. with a queue of about 7 people in front of me and a very, very slow online system.

It was 1.30pm when I finished so I quickly went to Pos Malaysia to pay the road tax.. with 15 people in front of me (Yes! I counted!!!) and when it was my turn, I was sadly greeted by the "Tidak dapat diproses". The person behind the counter asked me to come around 2.30, just in case the system was still a bit slow so I went to service the aircond of my car before returning to the post office (with 12 people in front of me now) and once again I couldn't pay it but this time the person behind the counter asked me to go check my summons.. Saman lagi ke? Uwaaaaaaaaaaa..

I went back to school to find that I had one speeding ticket.. aiseh! Lame dah tak kene saman nih.. So I prepared the usual 'surat rayuan' and headed to the Jawi Police Station just to be told that the blacklisted summon was actually Abah's and not mine (my car is still in Abah's name so thats why I couldn't pay my road tax).. so I called Abah and told him about his blacklisted summon, hoping he'd pay it. He gave me the excuse that he didn't have the letter so I told him I'd send the printed summon to him in Bertam.

The next day, I went to Penang to service my car. I had a budget of RM150 (but naturally I bought more money la) but was charged RM255. Well, what did I expect, the last time I did it was in September, of course la byk bende kene tuko Ayu oiiiiii.. Then I went to Bertam to send the summon.. but I should've known la my father.. adeh!!

Oh.. before that. I went home 1st to complain about the balcklisted summon to Mama and guess what.. Otw to Bertam, I was stopped by a policeman in the Ops Sikap and I GOT A SPEEDING TICKET!! Uwaaaa lagi..

Then, yesterday I called Abah only to find out that he hadn't paid it and wasn't intending to pay it.. uwaaaaaa! Problem is, I HAVE TO PAY MY ROAD TAX!

So at 10am I went to Bertam to pay Abah's summon of RM300 (there goes the spectacles I had planned to buy) then went to JPJ for my road tax..

Ohhh.. terase di buli :(

And those three days were VERY tiring for me..

Good thing today is D-Day for my suprise :):):)

At least I have something to look forward to.. kan :D

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