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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On a lighter note..

You know, I just read my previous entry and it seems so buruk la hahaha.. Worth two pagefuls of ranting and babbling and complaining and whining macam org tak matured (matured sgt ke pun cik Ayu punnnnn?)

So I decided to share something.. mmm, happy! :)

You know whats better than being suprised? And I mean surprised in a good way, not the unpleasant sort..

Hehe, yup! Its planning a surprise :)

Right now I am soooooo excited! Very much anticipating Valentines Day next week.. and before Baizurah jumps to the conclusion that I have a boyfriend, its NOT THAT! :p

I love surprises.. either receiving them or giving them.. though I must say, giving them gives you so much pleasure. The last time I surprised someone, it gave me a high for days hehe.. I must've been smiling more than the person who received it!

This time, I decided to surprise someone who means a lot to me.. who is very dear to me.. who I care very much about.. and who's been so busy these past few months that I hope my surprise would bring a smile to his face..

It didn't take long to plan it as I had the resources within reach. I've even paid (just around half an hour ago) for it so its already a done deal and right now I so want it to be next week already heheh..

Sheesh! I'd really like to share the details here, but I'm so afraid he'll read my blog, though I don't think he's been dropping by that much nowadays.. but still, to be on the safe side, my lips (or rather my fingers) would be sealed till next week.

I'd definitely post an entry about it when the day comes.. InsyaAllah!

Till then, I'll be having a new spring in my step as I await for D-Day :)

*rubbing hands* Can't wait :) :) :)

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