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Sunday, March 25, 2007


After that 'discussion' on acknowledgements, I had hurried out to go see 'Mukhsin'. A few friends have been talking about it, either good (Ana, Adi, Elie, Salimin) or bad (Jida sorang haha.. but somehow your comment on the pervert Mukhsin, intai anak dare orang, made me wanna go watch it to actually see what extent of pervert kot heheh..) comments..

Last week, I didn't get the chance to watch it as we had arrived at the cinema at 8.10pm and it started at 8.15pm. Won't be much problem if we had performed our Maghrib prayers earlier, takkan Mukhsin nye pasal, tak solat kot kaaann..

This week, I had noticed that Parit Buntar's Capitol was showing the movie, and at RM3.50 a ticket, I thought it'd be worth it to go catch it while its still here so at 9.00pm, I was already shooing Helmi off (he had come to use the printer) as I wanted to go catch the movie which was showing at 9.15pm.

I was a bit afraid of going alone at first. I mean, if its at Megamall or KBJ or even Kinta City, I won't feel so.. outta place. I mean, I'm the type who watches ANY kinda movie and not ALL my friends share this interest so there are times I go alone just to stubbornly still watch the movie. But at Parit Buntar?

Then I remembered, its not as if the WHOLE Pt Buntar knows me anyway hehe.. so, what the heck!! Still, I made sure I went as late as possible, as if I could make a quiet entry :D
I barely arrived in time. Missed maybe half a minute of it, only started watching at the part Orked chucked the bully's bag outta the bus.

All in all, I liked the movie. Quite pleasant and entertaining though at first I thought it was a bit berceramuk. But as the story enfolds, I found myself laughing out loud (quite embarassing when you're sitting alone hehe..) and trying to stop myself from crying at some parts (though this might be due to recent things happening in my life, and not much because of the movie :D). Its a good malay movie.. innocent gitu!

Made me think of my own childhood and my own so-called first love, a pot bellied 5-year-old named Mark.. or was it Paul, when I was 5 haha.. Yeah, I especially love the tagline.. "Everyone has a first love story to tell.." that is soooo right!

Coming back to school, I opened up Yasmin Ahmad's blog which I sometimes read and found this quote from her that caught my attention..

I feel it's an interesting human condition to look at, because I myself have never been able to understand how, sometimes, something as beautiful as Love can threaten to end something else that's just as beautiful - Friendship.

No comment on this though, as I myself have lost numerous friendships because of this.. some, I lose totally, some I lose partly, some which unfortunately I lose what special part of the friendship was while some I lose the part I don't care for that much.. Some I had greatly cherished, some merely aquaintances.. still no matter to what degree that friendship was, it hurts..

Anyway, I hope I don't do that to people if my time comes, huh?

Well, back to the movie.. for Jida, you should give it a try la :p I'm suprising myself with watching and admitting that some Malay movies are starting to buck up in quality and story line.. Instead of the typical movies that portray all Malaysians as unbelievably dirt rich, driving impossibly expensive cars and dining at remarkably high-classy places.. with every possible problems a human being could face being thrust only into the hero/heroin, you wonder why the actors don't commit suicide. Its a pity all those so-called riches can't buy them new ideas.. or better, a functioning brain that doesn't only think of cold blooded revenge or love triangles (or love squares.. or love pentagons)..

I think I'm being a bit harsh here haha.. but its just to persuade you la, Jida.. pi la try tengok :)

As for me, I'm ready for another dose of Malay movies here.. one which also actually HAS a story in it! So to Malaysian producers.. hey, we're starting to have faith in you, you know.. chaiyuk²!
Hmm.. suddenly I'm itching to go fly a kite :D
P/S for Ana..
Betul la Ana, nak tau gak ape dia tulis kat layang² tu..

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