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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Farewell lunch (?)

Okay.. I should've written about this earlier, but very lazy maaaaa heheh..

Anyway, those who've been reading my blog know about my supervisor.. right? Alaaa.. a.k.a the dean of my school? A.k.a the person I've been playing peek-a-boo with all this while right up until I had submitted my final thesis? A.k.a errrr, ape lagi ek?

Anyway, he's moving to UNIMAS to be a lecturer near his home town and along with him, another 4 lecturers are also leaving us (Dr Hasnain, Dr Rezaur, Dr Shamshad and Dr Zaid).. since it seemed like a whole bunch of lecturers were leaving us, and with the prospect of maybe another whole lot of them deciding to leave us (okay, I'm exaggerating here!) the school decided to 'conduct' a farewell lunch for all of them. The method of preparation was a gotong-royong (btw, whats the english word for this, huh?) of the staff as well as forcing the postgraduates to pitch in haha.. okay, thats another exaggeration (ade ke perkataan ni?)! Truth is, since we were invited for the lunch, we SHOULD be helping too, right?

Anyway, it was held the day after our workshop and to tell you the truth, most of us were still exhausted from the joint 5-day efforts beforehand for the workshop (imagine cramming ALL preparations in those 5 days!!!). I, myself, even when I was dead to the world the night before, felt like a lazy bum when I remembered the gotong-royong right after I woke up that morning.. still, dragged my ass to the bathroom to take my shower and ironed some shabby clothes, expecting them to be dirty when helping..

When I arrived at the school, NO ONE was around! Cesss, felt a bit stupid for waking up early hahah.. should've stayed in bed like the others. But abg Fadzil had arrived, only missing in action. Erwan was here too but he was sleepy. Lie and Rashwan were invisible to me somewhere and the others were not here. I was about to go to the surau to catch up with my beauty sleep when Farah smsed me, telling me she had just started driving here so I waited for her.

We went down together. By then it had already started but since Farah wanted to check on her experiment, I went first. The first thing I saw was kak Ja and abg Mie frying omelettes. I stopped to talk to them for a while when kak Habsah saw me and assigned as the other 'omelette chef' haha.. only I got to do it inside the lab instead of outside like kak Ja and abg Mie.

As I was just getting the hang of it, Lie arrived and instantly appointed himself as the QC for the food but kak Habsah bought him back down to earth when she ordered him to help me haha.. So here's a blurred picture of us and the omelettes as well as Rashwan who was ordered (unfortunately by us) to go get us some drinks :)

Before long, we grew bored of taking care of the omelettes indoors. I mean, hey, the action is OUTSIDE where the curry and mixed veges were being made to perfection (exaggerate lagiii..). Then when abg Fadzil came with the camera, we left our current batch of omelettes and quickly went out to be in the picture. Even camera-shy(?) me ran out. It already felt stuffy indoors.

So here's another picture of us watching (mind you, we really were WATCHING.. not HELPING!) kak Ja and abg Mie.. and yes, we were conscious of the camera so this is actual acting-as-if-we-didnt-realize it haha..

Not long afterwards, all cooking activities started to end one by one. Then we were kinda ushered into the dining room to help prepare the room. The room was quite lovely, compliments of kak Shelly and abg Joe and abg Shidi. It was quite enjoyable being there where once again, pictures were taken but this time, I ran away from them :D

Before long, everything was ready. All of us who had helped went back to the postgrads room to rest before abg Fauzi knocked on the door asking us to go join everyone as the ceremony was about to start. And yeah, just as everyone was seated, in came Remy and Ashraf who were missing during the cooking session and they were bombarded with question of how they could smell the food hehe.. still, there were a lot of empty seats! :(

As usual, though EVERYONE was aware of how hungry everyone else was, all this was ignored to give way for speeches. With tummies grumbling and eyes darting towards the food, we resigned to having to hear all those speeches hehe.. however, the multimedia presentation caught our attention. It was made by abg Shidi for Dr Wan and it was really quite touching. Even when we were allowed to go get our food, most of us stayed rooted to our seats to watch it. Even Remy commented on how touching it was..

Well, the food was great, and we were left full! Chicken curry, mixed veges, ulam and sambal belachan, fried prawns.. the list was endless..

Then, we had a photo session with Dr Wan before going back to the post grad room for a photo session amongst ourselves haha.. So here's a picture of us contented with Farah and Fared dominating the picture and ME left behind haha.. Lie, for once hid behind the screen instead of insisting to be the main focus in every picture and Dgon here in baju kurung getting ready for her interview..

*sigh* I'm gonna miss all this.. :(

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