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Saturday, March 26, 2005

An 'ok' birthday.. 25 huh?

You can call it a quarter of a century.. or two and a half decades.. or the starting point of a real adult.. whatever you call it, it'll still be the big 25.. huh? 25 already uh?

I didn't really have any plans of celebrating it anyway, but still, I had a great time today.

It started with going out with the gang last night. First all of us (me, Yun, Lily, Alem, Mozac, Juty, Asrul, Khay, Pojie and Tengku 'pemalu')trooped into McDonalds. The guys had been craving for McDonalds eversince only-they-know. Made me remember the time we went there after MIMOL with Alem, Spyder, Helmi, Hasni and Nije. Then we went to watch Miss Congeniality 2, my treat. Though I must say, it was a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting more original laughter, or at least, the same amount as in Miss Congeniality 1 but thats ok. Like someone once said, "Its the company that counts". Since the company was great, the story became quite ok-la.

After nearly two hours in the cinema, we went to the bowling alley. At first I wanted to join in he game with them, but at the last minute I got my usual bowling jitters and proceeded to be just the cheerleader for them haha..

At 12 o'clock hehe.. I guess I didn't expect them to know it was my birthday so it came as a suprise when they sang Happy Birthday for me. Made me smile for the time. Then, as usual as for any birthday girl/boy, I had to focus my attention to the sms and calls I received. Thank you, guys! Well, suprise, suprise! This year IS different. I didn't really wait for the one call/sms I waited for like last year. Ok, maybe just a tiny bit but it was just a fleeting moment. Not like last year. Hmm.. and only now do I think of it. Maybe.. just maybe, I've finally gotten over him!

After 4 straight games, we headed to Pelita to have midnight snacks, though most of us just drank. We even had time to make plans for Saturday, to go for grilled sea food at Kuala Kurau. I guess I must have arrived home near 2.30 am. Kak Shima and kak Kt left a paper bag of my presents and a card. Thanx to my all my sisters there (Kak Kt, Kak Yun, Kak Zai, Kak Zura and Kak Shima, who added that she was the cutest one of the lot)Sleepily, I ironed my baju kurung to wear to work, but I was too excited to be REALLY sleepy anyway.

The next morning, I headed to work quite early. By 7.00 I was already on my way. Good thing too, Dr Wan wanted so much to be done, I was soon out of my breath trying to catch up. Something funny happened though. My colleagues organized a suprise party for me, with chocolate ice cream cake as the main menu. Somehow, they didn't do a very good job of hiding it so I knew about it hours before the event. I had to bite my lips just to prevent myself from laughing.

When the moment finally cam, I was really rushing around with Dr Wan's orders so I didn't really realize when they started to gather in kak Sue's room. Just for their credit, I was a bit suprised anyway, eventhough I knew about it before hand. Thanks guys. You made my hectic day, bearable! The chocolate ice cream cake was a hit. I guess we'll be having it for everyone's birthday after this. I have some picture but I don't know how to attach it to this blog.. guess I have to ask Pojie how he did it to his blog.

Then, after my tuition class, I only had time to wash my face a bit before heading to the Lembaran cafe to meet my juniors for their long awaited dinner of my treat. Coincidenntly, it happened on my birthday. They were having their thesis presentation throughout the week and their dinner tonight so it had to be on my birthday, right? Hehe.. not my doing..

We went to a place called.. arrgghh, I don't remember the name but it was a nice place at Bandar Perda. Cikgu was the one who suggested the place and it was a good thing too since I don't really know all the good places to eat around here. The food was great and not really THAT pricey. This reminds me of the guys. They were afraid if I didn't bring enough money that they ordered the cheapest food on the menu. They even discussed of pooling their money, just in case. I don't know if I should take it as an insult or should I pity them hehe..

The 'kids' took some picture but I haven't gotten the chance to see them yet. I went home, happy, contented and suddenly feeling so attached to these new friends that I felt a bit sad knowing that I might not see them again after this. I just hope they'll get work and be happy throughout their lives. Whoaw.. nearly forgot another thing. I also went home with a cute teddy bear hugging a heart shaped pillow given to me by Ramlah. A very thoughtful girl she is, I didn't think she'd know it was my birthday.

All in all, it was ok.. Ok, ok.. more than ok and I loved every single secong of this day (even the parts where Dr Wan kept me busy with my work-- it is MY work anyway)

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