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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gosh.. now I miss you guyssss.. :'(

Hmm.. I really wonder why is it that I'm going so sentimental over everything right now? Well, Ok, I do know.. errr, I think so la. Eversince I could remember, I've always been the first one to go all sensitive and all that..

For the past few weeks, I've been spending most of my time with my juniors who are on the verge of completing their studies. Time sure flies. I feel as if it has just been yesterday when I first knew them in MIMOL and now suddenly they've completed their four-year struggle for a degree.. sigh!

The feeling suddenly struck me when I went to bid goodbye to Lily. Then I realized, hey! I'm never gonna have a reason to go 'lepak²' at Lembaran anymore. Wow! That surely made me sad. I dunno, I guess, after my batch finished our undergraduate degrees and only a very 'select' few (hahah..) of us made it to the next level, I guess these 'adik²' of mine have been my only source of friendship here. Ok.. ok, its not like there aren't any other post grads here but they are WAY older or maybe foreigners whose sole mission to Malaysia is to complete their masters or PhD.

I miss them!

I miss them!

I miss them!

And how embarassed I was when I my voice broke when talking to Mozac.. sure kena gelak dah ngan budak ni haha.. Then Alem sent me this message saying that I'll sure be lonely when my 'adik²' have all gone home.. "Bila adik² tgh ramai, seronok la, bila kitorg dah balik, kan dah sedih² dah" Kan dah nangis dah pagi² buta, ampeh Alem!

Yes.. I do have pictures and all that, but I know after this there'll be no more joking around as much as we'd like to. No more hanging out. No more 'minum²'. No more going to the movies with them. No more chats on the messenger (hey, eventhough their workplace will have the internet, it doesn't mean they'll have time chatting anyway). No more 'buzz-buzzing' with Helmi. No more gossips with Lily. No more learning about different types of beverages (Milo campur ice-cream satu) from Alem. No more "Kak Ayu ni asyik bz ngan tuition je" from Mozac. No more 'Cerita Bujang Senang' from Salimin.. wow! I'm really gonna miss out on a lot of things.

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