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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Apa Ada Ditengah²nya?

So its another Monday night.. and with nothing else on TV (there used to be my favourite Criminal Minds and such), I switched on to classic favourite, P Ramlee movies.

Tonight was Tiga Abdul. The story of 3 brothers. One of the most popular movies he's ever made where almost everyone I know could recite verbatim the script of at least one scene hehe..

Since I had just come back from my nightly class, by the time I switched on the TV, it was already well on its way. It was the scene where Sadiq Segaraga was to come and bring his three daughters to 'seduce' the three Abduls.

This was a scene I never understood..

"Di atas, langit.. di bawah, bumi.. ape ditengah²nya?"asked Abdul Wahab, the eldest, to a crowd of girls he was trying to impress.

The answer was, "Tiga titik"

And the whole group would laugh as if it was the joke of the century.. ok la, I'm exagerrating.. but they were laughing like they understood the joke.. while I never did!

The only thing I told myself was, those girls were just laughing at his tak-lawak-pun joke.. just like me and you would pretend to laugh at someone elses joke, just to not offend him.

As usual, since my computer was in front of me, I absent mindedly updated my FB status on how I never understood the joke. It became the turning point of my life (Okay, over sgt!) Turns out the answer was obvious.. very obvious!

Ohhh.. sungguh malu! Hahah..

During that time, 'jawi' was used more than 'rumi'. His real question was, "Apa ade ditengah 'NYA'?" With NYA being this letter.. of course, the three dots! Tiga titik..

After more than 20 years, only do I understand.. mcm malu kot!


Lee Zha said...

jangan malu kak...*tepuk2 bahu*.. sebab zha pun tak pernah paham. kehkehkeh

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Heheh.. padahal dah bertahun tgk.. seb baik ade FB.. cepat je org bg feedback bile kite konpius cenni hahah

Kruzar said...

omg...i pun baru faham..tq for the info..heheh...

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hahah.. now I feel better bile tau ghamai ghopenye yg tak tahu heheh..