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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Treats for my sweets ~ ♥

Last week was what I always dubb as my birthday week since I'll be busy making cupcakes for my students. Its a tradition dating from.. ntah! Hahah.. I just remember that before I started making cupcakes, I'd usually buy cake slices for my students during this week but since I've learned (and had the tools) to make them myself, nasib la korg asyik makan cupcake Teacher Ayu buat sendiri.

Well, I shouldn't have been suprised when one of my student told me her birthday was the next Wednesday (yesterday to be exact). She wasn't actually hinting to me yang dia nak cake ke ape ke.. but, you know.. hehe..

Nway, knowing that I usually stay away from the oven for quite a while after my birthday week (Gile laa, everyday ngadap oven.. if the oven could talk pun it'd tell me to buzz off!) I tired to come up with something else and remembered something I loved doing last year..

Jeng³.. apekah?
Heheh.. yup! Diana's apam polkadot =)

I was actually outta practice and agak la terkial² nak buat but I managed to make some.. successfully!

Successfully lah sgt.. dot tak seropa dot!

So here's what I bought to class yesterday for the birthday girl and for the whole class.

Happy birthday, Shahkina! Blajaq rajin² naaaa~~

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