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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dr Aslina

Whats a picture of a doctor doing in my blog, huh?

Truth is, yesterday, me and an old buddy were smsing each other and I haven't been in touch with her for a very long time now. But today, I think I wanna write an entry about her.

Her name is Noraslina Ab Samat.. but all of us call her As. I first got to know her in form 1 when we were in the same class. A whole bunch of us became close friends in the hostel with Mak Su, Eda, Bart, Watie, Ani, Fizah, Shareena (These were the 'bestest' friends you can have during prep. My most memorable thought is how they knew how to trick me into studying. I was silently protesting to Abah at that time -only my friends knew why- and refused to study as much as I should. During prep, you can usually find me reading a novel or story book after I finish my homework. However, these friends, especially Ani, As and Fizah ALWAYS asked me to teach them maths in front of the class. They'd disturb me and hide my book until I agreed to teach them and they always told me I was good in teaching maths hahah.. come to think of it, I'm glad they 'forced' me to study in their own way though at that time I was confused on WHY they kept asking ME to teach them haha.. thanx a million, guys!)

Anyway, we always ate together. We'd have breakfast together and speculate on what would be served for lunch and dinner. The most favourite expression is 'ayam sekor' which is really a fried egg (dinner almost 'wajib' every night.. ampeh!)!

In form 4, she went to MRSM Taiping but we were still in contact during the school holidays, only it wasn't as frequent as we would have liked, I guess. However, during matriks, I met her again. We were in the same lecture group, though different tutorial groups. I was glad to have a familiar face around. Still, a year later, we were separated when she went to the medical campus in Kubang Kerian and I went to the engineering campus in Tronoh.

During our studies, we were in and out of touch.. but we always picked up where we left. Thats what I like about her.. but there's also another thing that makes me appreciate her but i'm not telling here, only those who know my Yahoo! blog might know a bit about what I'm talking. Lets just say, she doesn't judge people by their family, and she forgives them easily.

So there we were yesterday. She had sent the usual forwarded sms saying that she was thinking of me and I was feeling a bit nostalgic yesterday so I replied her sms, asking about her. She's a medical officer (MO) now but she complains that her work hasn't gone less haha.. We had thought that once you become an MO, you could sorta 'goyang kaki' when compared to the interns for housemanship but it turns out, you're still busy. She even commented, "Aku kalau ada keja lain, nak ja aku mintak haha.." But the both of us know, she loves being a doctor and she doesn't really mind her job. Yeah, though she tried to explain that she was joking, she didn't really have to coz the As I knew from form 1 was the As who really wanted to be a doctor.

Somehow, our sms conversation turned towards our future. She surprised me when she said, she wanted to pursue her masters degree to become a specialist. I mean, being a medical doctor, even the degree process is such a 'torturing process' and yet, here she is, still wanting to study AGAIN! When I asked, what she wanted to specialyze in, she conmfidently (as usual) replied she wanted to be a physician (and I had thought a physician was another name for ALL doctors) and subspecialize in nephrology <--a word I just learnt yesterday hahah.. berlagak jugak nak guna sebab baru belajo :p).

I was dumbstruck for a while.

She knew what she wanted for her future.

What about me???

When I told her about it, she just laughed. She has always known what she wanted, that was why she could go very far. As for me, I, in other words, go with the flow. I don't even know what to do after my viva here.. and sometimes, when I really sit and think about it, I admit, I'm afraid :(

As is so different from me. She's always been strong and has numerous times stood up for me whenever I'm too coward to stand up for myself. She has always believed in me when I don't believe in myself, and has always reminded me about my strengths (which I always think as:nil!). Sometimes I wonder, why would she wanna be my friend anyway?

But thats just her.

And yeah, she still likes to pinch my cheeks whenever I see her haha.. It doesn't help that I'm now nearly 10kg heavier than the last time she saw me during her convo :p

Talking to her always makes me think of my future (not in a negative way la.. but for me, I'm always tiringly negative anyway) and she always makes it sound like a bright rainbowy future.

Well, As.. I really hope it is!

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