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Friday, July 14, 2006

Another insight

Quickie: What you need to do is obvious. There are no more excuses, it's time to take action.

Overview: The more you focus on a competitor, the quicker you'll lose sight of your real goal. It's time to examine where your real interests lie. It's time to reenergize your sense of purpose. Pay attention to the task at hand.

Daily extended (by Like a neon arrow flashing and sirens blaring, what you need to do today is terribly obvious. The fact is, if you've been waiting for push to come to shove, your wait is over. Push has definitely grown into shove by now. You'll be sure about your actions, but they might require you to step out of your personality comfort zone. It's true: Being more aggressive or domineering isn't easy. But it's something you simply must do if you want to get somewhere (or get something started) with someone.

Erk.. okay la! Not really should believe in astrology but todays horoscope sure says something about my state of mind right now. Something I should've done weeks ago, tapi tatau la, asyik nak tangguh je.. maybe mengenangkan banyak bende yang sangat sayang untuk ditinggalkan if I go on with it.


I'm confused! Yesterday, I received another call, urging me. But I DO know what I should do, cume maybe pushing my luck to put if off till the last minute.. haha, very 'mature' la, Ayu! When I look around, I see so many things that sorta pull me back, but before sleeping, my mind clearly tells me what I should do and I know I always agree with my head though my heart might say likewise.. but then again, my heart has always felt it hard to let go and to forget and to move on.

Still, today I'm gonna do it.. am I? I really should do it.. shouln't I? I'm determined to settle it today.. am I sure about it?

I dunno, if I know I should do this, why do I still feel so sad..

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