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Friday, July 07, 2006


Okay, this is an 'even-Im-confused-of-myself' entry! Hehe, but not in an 'Im-mad-at-myself' way.. more like an 'Im-as-amused-as-you-are' type of entry haha..

Where shall I start?

A few weeks ago, with the starting of the World Cup, I retreated back into my I-cant-understand-football self like I always do whenever it comes to soccer. I had planned to ignore the World Cup buzz as I had done 4 years ago and had almost managed to get away with it when I realized that I was staying in the post graduate room, full of football fans! Aiseh..

It didn't help with matters that Lil' Success kept talking about it and if at first I had listened like masuk telinge kanan, kuar telinge kiri, by the starting of the World Cup, I was interested enough to at least pay attention to the final scores in every game.. besides, I still had my thesis to think of so I wasn't really THAT concerned about 11 sweaty shorts-clad guys (handsome takpe gak..) chasing a black and white ball all around the field.

Ahaaaa.. but that was where the confusion starts!

Pre-thesis submitting
I didn't really HATE soccer, just wasn't interested enough. But still, whenever My Lil' Success excitedly reported on what was happening on the field, it was infectious enough to make me REALLY curious, but not attractive enough to make me leave my thesis. Still, whenever I received an 'sms update', I'd leave whatever chapter I was correcting and clicked here, to read about the updates of the game myself.

Then, a few matches later found me asking questions I thought never interested me, but hey, I didn't understand half of what I was reading so of course la I'd ask. Good thing I had a great and patient teacher who'd answer even the most stupid question I asked :-) Then to my surprised, I finally understood what I was reading and it bought an odd kind of satisfaction to me.

Still, my thesis was the reason of me staying up till 5 am..

Post-thesis submitting
Ok.. first I blamed it on my hay wire sleeping pattern. Eversince I had been concentrating on my thesis, I've been staying up till the wee hours of the morning, then wake up a bit late (not really wanted to wake up late as I still had a lot to do!).

Then after submitting, I still couldn't control the pattern of my sleep. I wasn't tired until 5am, and thus, this leads to me watching anything on TV.. guess what IS on TV anyway? Hehe.. okay, okay, maybe I'm trying to blame my sleeping pattern, but the truth is, the 'seed of interest' has been planted by some individual (yup, I'm blaming SOMEONE else hehe..!) and has somehow started to grow inside me.


Kate Misa, "Ayu tengok bola?"

Iskk.. iyer Misa! The 'sad' truth of it all haha..

And to my surprise, I enjoyed some of the games.. okay then, MOST of the games.. though there are some games that make me sleepy, but not sleepy enough to send me sleeping. And though I've curi² watched some games before (during the thesis writing.. alaaa, balik kul 4am, sempat gak tengok a bit kaannn?!), I never imagined I'd never miss even one game after I submitted my thesis haha..

Even the Astro-only games (ade 2 je pun after I submitted my thesis!) I didn't miss both and even watched one of it at the Mamak's haha.. Well, I didn't see that coming either, it was a spur of the moment decision where me, Izati and Iskandar went to 3 shops before returning to the first one, and by then I had missed 8 minutes of the game.. shoot!

Anyway, I DO feel a bit amused of myself. Kutuk bukan main lagi ari tu but suddenly I'm the one who's NOT missing any game.

Well, people change.. err, right?!?

Na'ah.. its only for the World Cup.. trust me!

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