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Monday, February 24, 2014

Sy Mau Jadi Franky =) Pt 5

So I was going through this blog, trying to find any idea on what to write since I'm once again lagging behind from my resolution of one-entry-per-week, when I remembered something.. yeay!

I never really shared the final outcome of my personal project I did towards the end of last year, didn't I? So here goes..

Closed up view.. with the small Jolly Roger on top missing!

View of port side

View of starboard
As you can see, I suck at putting the stickers properly. In the first picture, the un-smoothness of the sticker drove me crazy enough to re-try.. which just resulted into me ripping the sticker before I quickly re-stuck it, realizing I'm just making it worse.

Even the long sticker around the boat is so buruk here.. as you can see *sigh*

Still, I was very excited with the outcome. My first ever project of this sort. Still need practice but I don't mind hehe..

P/S My 7-year-old brother Irfan saw the ship and asked me if I wanted to give it to him *gulp* Its supposed to be for 14 and above but I guess after some repairing (am gonna use superglue and redo the whole thing) I just might give it to him since he's usually careful with his toys. Gonna have to tell him that this is not exactly a toy, though

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