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Saturday, December 14, 2013

To Cut Or Not To Cut..

Its that time again where I am faced with a timeworn dilemma..

Well of course its not that long, but still.

I washed my hair at noon today. It was a hot day and my head felt a bit too sweaty so I grabbed my towel and took a refreshing wash-hair-included shower. Just what this scorching day needed. That was more than 6 hours ago but right up till now, my hair hasn't dried up properly.. dang!

This is a cycle I keep going through. I've always had thick tresses and I'm lucky enough to have hair that grows a bit more quickly than others (tidak lah sy tak bersyukur =) ). The problem is, I'm a bit of a lazy bum when it comes to cutting my hair..

..which leads to my current problem of cursing myself everytime I wash my hair as I have to wait for hours for it to dry before I could tie it up or something. Hair dryer?! Ohhh, no noooo.. I hate those even more!

It shouldn't really be a problem since now I have my own freedom in cutting my hair. When I was smaller, my father never let me cut my hair. Once when I was in standard 3, the hair dresser had cut my hair a bit more shorter than I had told her too.. not that I minded as it wasn't really THAT short. About half an inch above my shoulders I think (I had asked her to cut it around an inch BELOW my shoulders). Back home, my neigbours were praising my new hair and I was smiling until my father came home. He took one look at me and told me that this was what an anak derhaka would do and proceeded not to speak to me for 2 days.

Of couse it hurt. I was just 9 years old then and the fear of God was still firmly engraved in my heart (sbb time tu tak banyak dosa lagi kan hehe..) so after that, I realized if I ever wanted to cut my hair, I'd have to ask. Not that it was made easy for me, it usually took 2-3 months before permission was granted. This was the reason why I seldom cut my hair then, only once in 2-3 years.

However, now I don't ask for it anymore so I don't really have any excuse NOT to go cut my hair. But I guess outta habit perhaps, I never cut my hair until its up to my waist.. the current length.

The last time I cut it was around 2 and a half years ago, I think. That was the shortest I had ever cut it that my family commented on it (sbb tak penah tengok sy rambut pendek kot hehe..). I couldn't even tie my hair up and I suffered agonizing months of waiting for it to get past my shoulders to finally be comfortable enough to tie up haha.. serves me right! I always knew I hated short hair so why laaa did I take the risk?!

So now, as it has not yet dried, I am thinking of the possibility to try this new saloon in Pekaka (they actually have a curtain for Muslims.. something hard to find here) But I guess we'll have to wait and see as my usual behaviour during the time I'm waiting for my hair to dry and when it has actually dried is VERY different. Kemalasannya memuncak!

As for now, lemme sit under the fan while hoping it dries faster, eh

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