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Friday, November 22, 2013

Setelah Sekian Lama..

My friends know I love costume jewelry, particularly bracelets..

..well, there's an explanation to that.

Rings: I'd rather wait for the ring FROM someone haha.. (sbnrnye mmg tak bese pun pakai cincin)

Necklace: I'm ticklish.. and I mean VERY ticklish, especially in the neck department. Hmm, sensitive too since I can't watch TV scenes where people are slashed in the neck too. There'd be this feeling that 'something' is going on my neck too. In fact, I used to keep my hand under my hijab coz it felt like something was happening to my tudung-encased neck. I took MONTHS to get used to the necklace my parents gave me on my 21st birthday. I couldn't not wear it since it was a gift from them, but I always took it off before sleeping in the first few months wearing it.

Earring: Simple explanation, I don't have them pierced.. ever! =D

I used to collect these bracelets anytime anywhere. Even friends would give them to me as gifts as the knew I'd certainly wear them. I even bought some over EBay, back when it was still accessible.

Friends and students would always know I'd wear the bracelet suited for the outfit I was wearing. It was my only outlet to some-sort of fashion that I allowed myself to indulge in (since I'm not really a cloths-buying kinda girl.. I'd rather spend money on books hehe..)

However, the past two years have seen me slowing down on purchases. Not much because I couldn't afford them on my measly pay (costume jewelry kot.. murah je kaaannn!) But mostly because I already had a bit too much with all the colours I'd ever wear (and frankly, I got takde-hati about this thing for a long while then..).

Still, the last year was the worst. I ONLY wore these RM5 white-only beads I bought from Sinma. The pressure of what was happening got to me, though not in a small way, but it effected this one passion of mine. I didn't feel like choosing any of the colorful bracelets I had, more less buying new ones. This little joy and self-satisfaction I had had eluded me as I tried to sort out 'things'..

It wasn't until a few weeks ago, when my student (one I taught when she was in form 1 and 2.. now she's form 5!) remarked on the bracelet I was wearing. It was the one given to me by Izati n Iskandar on my birthday. White (too) but with sweet roses in between the beads. This one..

I hadn't given much thought when I had put it on earlier, but when she commented on missing seeing my different bracelets, I realized, hey, I guees I miss that too! =)

So yeah, after that, I started taking my time choosing which ones I wanted to wear, just like before. No one really notices it, duh, its just bracelets.. but I loved this 'little secret' I had.

I was a bit frustrated seeing some bracelets had dulled (since I ignored them, I didn't really take care of them like I used to.. and they're just costume jewelry je pun so of course la kene jaga jugak kann) but most of them were still wearable.

Then a fews days ago while going to UIA's convocation expo, I came across a few bracelets.. and I actually bought a new one! After years of not buying eh hehe.. and am loving it though blum pakai lagi la kan sbb sayang (memandangkan bracelets yg lain dah buruk hahah..)


Chumel kaannn =) =) =)

Ade yang start beli balik jugak kang lepas ni hehe.. ♥


Mama Tuah Melaty said...

kak ayu, try check PANDORA next time..

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Pandora mahal la Nomi.. tp akak beli yg dia mix Pandora ngan European beads yg quality same je ngan Pandora.. murah laggiii =D